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236 sector report results
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  • NSA leaks forces defence sector to confront big data future

    It is perhaps no revelation to say that, when compared to the private sector, governments have been largely slow to engage with the big data movement. There is of course an undeniable need for them to come down from the wings and play catch up, and while some public bodies have indeed moved forward with the times, others are still languishing on the sidelines. learn more

    Tags:   nsa

  • The UAV Payload Market, 2014

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the fastest growing segment of the military aerospace market and their sensors and payloads form the key elements of UAV systems. A wide range of UAV payloads, including EO/IR Sensors, Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR’s), SIGINT and EW Systems, C4I Systems and CBRN Sensors, worth $3 billion per year currently, is forecast to increase to $5.6 billion annually by 2020. In addition, a wide range of miniaturised munitions are being developed to arm UAVs. learn more

    Tags:   uav | uav payloads | payloads | UAS | unmanned systems

  • Overseeing freedom of information requests

    The United Kingdom enacted the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act in 2000, with full provisions coming into force in 2005. Creating a general right of access on request to information held by public authorities, the multi-million dollar initiative has become an important symbol of the nation’s consideration to civil liberties, but with the huge demand for information, and a history of independent systems functioning across multiple bodies, the process to fulfilling public expectations can often be slow, if not impossible. learn more

    Tags:   big data

  • Arctic Patrol: Market Outlook

    Close to 15% of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves are believed to lie in the Arctic. With climate change making these natural resources more accessible, fears for future conflict in the region are well publicised. Territorial disputes between the USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway are increasing, with Russia, in particular, laying claim to several areas of arctic shelf and being prepared to defend those claims at the UN. learn more

    Tags:   arctic patrol

  • Need for speed: Training and qualification for HSC watercraft operations

    Where are the gaps when it comes to training crews operating High Speed Craft? How can the dangers be mitigated through enhanced training methodologies? And what is preventing military forces from working together as effectively as possible? We asked the experts... learn more

    Tags:   fast patrol

  • Employing a social media monitoring tool as an OSINT platform for Intelligence, Defence & Security

    This whitepaper discusses how social media monitoring tools can be applied as powerful and cost effective Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms; and how they can support collection and analysis of relevant and targeted information relating to counter-terrorism, criminal and political open sources. The use of such tools has wide application and benefits for a number of industries, including; Government and Defence Intelligence agencies, Law Enforcement, Commercial Risk Management companies, Private Security Companies (PMCs) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). learn more

    Tags:   social media | osint

  • 21st Century Pilots: What must the modern aviator possess?

    As defence chiefs, air training commanders, programme managers and solution providers prepare to gather from around the world at Military Flight Training 2014 , Defence IQ speaks to the conference chairman, recently retired Lt Gen Douglas Owens, to hit him with the hot-button questions… learn more

    Tags:   military flight training

  • Spec sheet for all the vehicles on display at the International Armoured Vehicles 2014 exhibition

    The International Armoured Vehicles Show returns this February to Farnborough, UK. Defence IQ will be hosting the 2014 Armoured Vehicles Display, showcasing vehicles within the Exhibition Hall as well as at the Live Vehicle Demonstration Experience at the Long Valley Test Track. In this infographic, we take you through all the vehicles you can expect to see at the exhibition this year, including vehicles from Streit Group, Renault Trucks, Textron, EKA, Universal Engineering and Thales! learn more

    Tags:   armoured vehicles | international armoured vheicles

  • Global Helicopter & Systems Market: Capturing Growth Opportunities Across the Rotorcraft Industry

    The helicopter market in 2013 has been marked with notable ups and downs, often sounding like terminations in the West or requested orders in transitioning economies. The end of last year has even finished on a distressing note for the American helicopter industry, the biggest in the world. Defence Research Analyst Alix Leboulanger reports for Frost & Sullivan on the Helicopter market opportunities and growth strategies. learn more

    Tags:   helicopter | sar | search and rescue | sar003

  • The future of defence logistics: An overview of emerging operational requirements

    The Netherlands has a policy to "strive to broaden multinational logistic support solutions to enhance effectiveness and efficiency, and cope with the restraints in budgets." Commander Ralph Clermont of the Royal Netherlands Navy Directorate of Operations, presented these excellent case studies at Defence IQ's most recent Defence Logistics Europe conference (Feb 2013). Read his full presentation alongside these official slides... learn more

    Tags:   defence logistics | deflog004

  • Armoured Vehicles Northern Europe: A Market Insight Report

    Analysts predict that from 2013-2022, Europe will hold over 30 percent of the global end-user armoured vehicle market, which in theory would make the continent the world’s biggest regional market for vehicle production, in large part due to smart businesses solidifying new partnerships and pre-empting national requirements. Many of the fledgling programmes are emerging in the Baltic region, while Northern Europe and Scandinavia will see a continuation of deliveries on large-scale procurement decisions. View this mini report for an overview of the current regional holdings and future procurement/acquisition plans. learn more

    Tags:   armoured vehicles | avnorth001

236 whitepaper results
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