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Future Mortars Requirements

The most commonly operated towed or hand-held indirect fire mortar calibres are 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, but others, such as 82mm and 107mm are also in use. There are over 85,000 towed/hand-held and self-propelled (SP) mortars in use worldwide. Of these, around 5,500 are SP systems. Asia-Pacific countries hold 41.5% of the world’s towed/hand-held mortars, while Europe has 14.5% and the Middle-East has 16.9%. Europe dominates in SP mortars, with 62% of the world total.Although 81mm self-propelled (... Learn more


In this report, Defence IQ identifies the key fighter aircraft procurement programmes and requirements worldwide, as well as listing all known inventories for a broad range of countries. Learn more


In this report, Defence IQ identifies the key armoured vehicle procurement programmes and requirements in Eastern Europe as well as listings all known inventories for countries in the region. Learn more


Welcome to the summer 2016 issue of the Cyber IQ Review. The past few months have been as active as ever when it comes to the increase and emergence of sophisticated threats to our digital information. Headline issues have spanned from flaws in daily security measures to global-scale controversy and serious commercial fallout. Learn more

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This report is divided into three distinct sections: a detailed overview of all the known OPV programmes requirements in the region; a full list of known OPV and warship holdings in Middle Eastern military inventories; and an analysis of Middle Eastern data from Defence IQ’s global market survey, identifying trends and requirements specific to the region. Learn more

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In recent years, there have been a number of key developments in radar technology which have enhanced radar capabilities for militaries worldwide. The technology provides critical capability for armed forces. Recent advancements in range, detection, identification, integration with other sensors, and adaptability to new missions, platforms and environments, make it one of the most dynamic and progressive markets for industry and military stakeholders. Learn more

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The market for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) is buoyant as countries seek to modernise, upgrade, and replace platforms to keep up with the pace of technology change and the evolving threat spectrum. Their multi-role capabilities also makes them a popular choice for militaries and governments as they seek to get more bang for their buck. Learn more

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This report lists all known and current military airlift inventory holdings for each country along with ongoing procurement programmes and requirements. The report distnguisehes between tactical and strategic airlifters, as well as identifying strategic tankers and transport. The data is broken down by region covering global holdings and requirements. Learn more


This feature is a round-up of the most recent news relating to the military radar market. Learn more

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347 whitepaper results
of 34