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Pall Aerospace goes into depth about the unique ways its filter technology has been changing the defence and aerospace sectors for decades, particularly when it comes to preventing military helicopters from ingesting dust, sand, snow and other dangerous particles to keep forces mission-ready. Read the full feature here. Learn more

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Defence IQ was recently granted time with TenCate Advanced Armor, one of the world’s market-leaders in the application of technologies and materials to provide protection for both equipment and personnel. The company’s work extends through the complete process of design, certification, manufacture, and quality testing of ballistic protection solutions in accordance with strict regulations and industry standards. This includes platforms across land, naval and air services. Read the full paper... Learn more


As detailed in Defence IQ’s 6th annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report (2017), the armoured vehicles market is projected to reach $15.17 billion in 2017. According to the report’s proprietary survey data, confidence in the global armoured vehicle market has rebounded after a temporary downturn, underpinned by steadily rising defence budgets, new contract opportunities and recent big ticket government investments.   In addition to survey data and analysis the report also... Learn more

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Defence ministries and major contractors would be at a loose end without vast global supply chains to provide the equipment needed to undertake operations in a timely, cost-effective manner. However, as these chains add more links, the complexity of managing them has steadily increased, while the risk of a single vulnerability – and its potential to disrupt – becomes inevitably more severe.  A critical supplier may suffer financial failure or be found in violation of labour or... Learn more


At the U.S. Energy Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), there have been several breakthroughs in energy-storage technology that could transform the electrical grid. Defence IQ's affiliate IDGA recently spoke with the Senior Commercialization Advisor, Ryan Umstattd, PhD, about these developments, about the future of energy-storage, and how current projects and new technologies could be implemented into the military.Umstattd will be providing a brief at the... Learn more

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Confidence in the global armoured vehicle market has rebounded after a temporary downturn, underpinned by steadily rising defence budgets, new contract opportunities and recent big ticket government investments. Respondents to a survey for Defence IQ's 6th annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report revealed a generally positive outlook for the next decade. Download it for free to read the in-depth analysis here! Learn more


Just over 1,000 (1,022) Surface Warships larger than OPVs are currently included in the world’s naval fleets. These are operated by 63 countries... This report details all known programmes and requirements for surface warships, which includes Cruisers, Frigates, Corvettes, and Destroyers. The plans and programmes are broken down country-by-country, allowing you to see exactly which nation is procuring or has plans to procure new naval assets. This report also includes all known holdings of... Learn more


Defence IQ will host its inaugural Countering Drones conference this December to provide an opportunity for a security experts from a diverse community of sectors to ensure that they can guarantee the security of their assets and public safety for the future. This special edition magazine offers a look at some of the latest research and insight into the efforts being made worldwide, all of which will be discussed at the event... Learn more

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Showcase your organisation to over 100,000 Defence and Military professionals. By working with Defence IQ, our partners are elevating brand presence, positioning themselves as thought leaders, educating a large, highly targeted audience. Download our NEW Sponsorship Pack to learn how you can benefit from working with Defence IQ. Learn more

Future Mortars Requirements

The most commonly operated towed or hand-held indirect fire mortar calibres are 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, but others, such as 82mm and 107mm are also in use. There are over 85,000 towed/hand-held and self-propelled (SP) mortars in use worldwide. Of these, around 5,500 are SP systems. Asia-Pacific countries hold 41.5% of the world’s towed/hand-held mortars, while Europe has 14.5% and the Middle-East has 16.9%. Europe dominates in SP mortars, with 62% of the world total.Although 81mm self-propelled (... Learn more

354 whitepaper results
of 35