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Defence IQ brings you informative military videos, interviews of military / army officers, and  exclusive global security presentations all at your fingertips! We bring seminars and case studies to the modern defence professional to learn from those with strong industry experience.

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Over its 15 year history Military Flight Training Community’s Annual General Meeting, bringing together over 250 Chiefs of Staff, Commanders of Air Training, Heads of Air Procurement, Heads of Simulation & Synthetic Training and industry executives from across the globe to discuss the challenges and success shaping military flight training for... View now
Colonel John Atkinson, Director of Fires and Maneuver Integration Division for the U.S. Marine Corps, discusses the current plans for upgrade and... View now
Brazilian Army Modernisation: Interview with Lt Gen Luiz Felipe Linhares Gomes
In this exclusive video, Lieutenant General Luiz Felipe Linhares Gomes, Head of the Project Management Office at the Brazilian Army, discusses... View now
Armoured vehicle priorities for the Czech Armed Forces: Interview with Lt Col Vit Duchacek
Lt Col Vit Duchacek, the Czech Armed Forces' Divisional Director of Development and Planning Capabilities, talks armoured vehicles - from... View now
Military Flight Training: Behind the scenes at the 2014 conference
Take a look at this video from behind the scenes at the Military Flight Training (MFT) conference that took place in London, UK in March 2014. It... View now
Exclusive interview with Commander of the French Army
In this exclusive interview, Lt Gen Bertrand Clément-Bollée, commander of the French Army, outlines the future direction of his armoured vehicle... View now
Interview: Panos Dimitriou, Director of Services and Sales at Encode
Panos Dimitriou, Director of Services and Sales at Encode, talks us through the emerging risks to corporate, public sector and military information... View now
Tags: defence it | cyber
Interview: Brian Contos, Solera Networks
Brian Contos, Worldwide VP of Sales Engineering and Professional Services at Solera Networks, pinpoints where the shift in the cyber threat vector... View now
Tags: cyber | defence it
Russia - a cyber threat? We ask the Conflict Studies Research Centre
Keir Giles, Director of the CSRC, assesses Russia’s role in cyberspace, how we can better our understanding of it, and whether other nations... View now
Tags: defence it | cyber
Interview: Jason Steer, Product Manager for FireEye’s European business
Jason Steer, Product Manager for FireEye’s European business, explores the Advanced Persistent Threat – the number one concern of... View now
Tags: cyber | defence it | fireye
301 video results
of 30