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On Point

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Current Podcast

Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett: With this year's event being held in Dublin, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference chairman), explains to Defence IQ the reasoning behind the introduction of the new Samuel Beckett-class OPVs in this new podcast. He also discusses the construction of the vessel with an eye towards climate change, cost-efficiency in a complex maritime environment, meeting emerging threats, and reveals his key to working effectively with industry partners and shipyards. Listen now
Tags:   opv | samuel beckett
09/03/2014  12:00:00 AM EDT

Other Podcasts
  • ICS Cyber Security Live Hacking Exercise: Meet The Host: ICS Cyber Security will be hosting a two-day live hacking exercise specifically to enhance participants' knowledge of protecting industrial control systems within a real-time, realistic environment. This not-to-be-missed experience will be hosted by Matt Luallen, president and co-founder of CYBATI. In this 20 minute podcast interview, Matt introduces himself, along with the benefits of attending the exercise. He also explores his own hands-on perspective on the ICS domain as a whole and what the industry needs to know today for better protection tomorrow. Listen now

    Tags:  cyber security | industrial control systems | cyber ics
    04/02/2014  12:00:00 AM EDT
  • Spanish Artillery Training: structure, history and development: This year, the Spanish Artillery School of Segovia turns 250 years old. As we discover from this podcast discussion with the head of the facility, Commander Alfredo Sanz, in order to progress into the future of this field, we must remember the principles learnt from our past. Sanz walks us through the evolution of artillery, the structure of modern artillery in the Spanish Army, and the future priorities from precision to command and control. Listen now

    Tags:  future artillery | artillery
    02/24/2014  12:00:00 AM EST
  • Exclusive interview with Schaublin SA: The value of all military equipment always lies in the details and the quality with which these products are manufactured. Speaking with us to explain just how important it is to have the right tools for the job is Matt Dunner of Schaublin SA, a Swiss-based company that has long provided precision products and clamping systems, and who will of course be joining us at this year’s event. To meet Schaublin, visit Stand B40, or hear their presentations. Listen now

    Tags:  armoured vehicles
    02/03/2014  12:00:00 AM EST
  • Lt Gen Bernardis talking about Storm Shadow missiles: Lt Gen (Rtd) Bernardis, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, earned widespread praise for his command of the air strike operation over Libya during OUP. As the Chairman of the Joint Deep Stike 2013 conference, he talks to Defence IQ ahead of the event to discuss the use of Storm Shadow Missiles and the opportunities for nations to build on the campaign's success for future deep strike capabilities. Listen now

    Tags:  joint deep strike | bernardis
    07/16/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT
  • UK GBAD Commander on Olympics defence and security: Colonel Jon Campbell, the UK MoD's Ground Based Air Defence Commander, reveals the full extent of London's missile security measures during the Summer Olympic Games of 2012 in this 30 minute audio programme. Campbell explains the various challenges faced by his forces, offering advice to his Brazilian counterparts on what to take into consideration during the planning and operation stages, and assesses the outlook of GBAD technology for the near future. He will be speaking at this year's IAMD Brazil conference to brief the international delegation on his experiences. Listen now

    Tags:  iamd brazil | brazil | integrated air and missile defence
    07/16/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT
  • 10 years of the US Coast Guard's HC-130J: Defence IQ continues its coverage of US maritime patrol developments with this audio programme featuring insight from Lt. Cdr. Ian Bastek. As the US Coast Guard's HC-130J Platform Manager, Bastek tells us how the aircraft has been enhanced since its introduction to the USCG a decade ago and what he feels are the technologies and TTPs that must be enhanced to see effective maritime patrol continue in the years to come. Listen now

    Tags:  maritime | maritime recon | maritime reconnaissance
    07/15/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT
  • Spanish maritime surveillance commander demands more data: Commander Álvarez Maldonado, Director of Maritime Situational Awareness for the Spanish Navy, will be taking to the podium at this year's conference but took to our airwaves before the event to discuss the current changes and challenges in the maritime security environment today. From Operation Atalanta, the MARSUR network and the ongoing development of the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) project, Maldonado stresses one important fact: information is power. Listen to the podcast... Listen now

    Tags:  maritime | maritime surveillance | maritime recon
    06/21/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT
  • Former BBC Defence Correspondent Mark Laity talks to Defence IQ about strategic communications: We’re joined by Mark Laity, the Chief of Strategic Communications at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and formerly the BBC’s Defence Correspondent, during which time he was an influential voice reporting on major conflicts including the Gulf War, Kosovo, Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. We asked whether conceptual IO strategies can ever be readily useful and whether single narratives are being effectively rolled out in today’s coalition-led theatres. Laity provides several significant takeaway points in this short audio session ahead of his much-anticipated presentation at the IO Global 2013 conference. Listen now

    Tags:  io | info ops | information operations
    06/03/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT
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