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Legal Cyber Advisor Reveals Flaws in Prosecuting Cyber Attackers

Posted: 07/26/2011

According to Peter Sommer, the bulk of cyber investment that needs to occur in the UK should address critical national infrastructure and making basic systems and networks more secure. Peter Sommer is a globally renowned cyber expert and professor at the London School of Economics and specialises in those areas where cyber activity meets with the rule of law. He also describes the political limitations of the law in dealing with cyber crime and cyber warfare. In fact, he highlights the probability that no major power, including the UK and the US, would ever agree to a binding cyber treaty as it would go too far in limiting their ability to attack enemy states in the cyber realm. Watch to find out what he has to say about the future of cyber war.

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Tags:  hacker | hacktivism | cyber | Tallinn | China | Russia | treaty | law | Peter Sommer

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