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Contributor:  Andrew Elwell
Posted:  12/19/2011  12:00:00 AM EST
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'The Defence IQ 10' is a list of our top ten tweeters, influencers, bloggers and sources for news updates and analysis on a select range of topics.

Each of the ten to make our list - whether chosen for their social media klout, industry expertise, captive audience, or even just because we quite like them - all have one thing in common: they add value to the debate.

Today, the debate we're concentrating on is cyber security. And the nominees are... 


#About@: Long-time, one-time reporter for The Washington Post. Brian's blog, 'KrebsonSecurity', focuses on topics including online crime investigations, the latest threats, security updates, data breaches and cyber justice.

#FollowFor: Forthright, honest and expert insight on cyber crime.

#TypicalTweetVerizon: Whoops, sorry about that government text alert of a civil emergency folks. Just a test #thisisonlyatext



 #About@: Cyber defence industry analyst. Author of 'Surviving Cyberwar', Stiennon's book argues that the era of cyberwar is already upon us. Can also be found tweeting at @stiennon

#FollowFor: Cyberwar updates, cyberwar comments, get the picture.

#TypicalTweet: This article is unintelligible to an outsider but the comments are readable and interesting.



#About@: Prominent security magazine in print and online covering a broad range of industry, business and technology news.

#FollowFor: In-depth information security analysis from industry thought-leaders.

#TypicalTweet: Blue Coat acquired by equity firm for $1.3 billion



#About@: A news source for promoting major cyber developments for security professionals and the hacking community. Based in India The Hacker News promotes itself as a “centre of excellence for learning.”

#FollowFor: Cyber security, hacking and vulnerability news stories and analysis.

#TypicalTweet: #Security #Infosec Key infrastructure systems of 3 US cities Under Attack By Hackers



#About@: The man behind Sophos’ Naked Security blog, kind of like a TechCrunch for the computer security and malware world. Named 'Twitter user of the year' by Computer Weekly in 2009 and 2010.

#FollowFor: Latest updates, comment and (as it’s a Sophos spin-off) advice on viruses, spam and general IT security.

#TypicalTweet: FBI acknowledges more SCADA attacks, increases cyber budget



#About@: The official home of The Register, an online tech publication with over 5 million readers worldwide. Other twitter profiles include @ElReg and @theregister

#FollowFor: Breaking cyber and tech news for the IT professional and enthusiast alike.

#TypicalTweet: US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says: Electronic warfare comes of age – in Iran. The US stealth dr…



#About@: Schneier, a “security guru” according to the Economist, is a security technologist not short of an opinion or two.

#FollowFor: IT security news updates and analysis often looked at from a political angle.

#TypicalTweet: The DHS Partners with Major League Soccer to Promote Fear: It seems to be harder and harder to keep people scare...



#About@: Twitter feed for information security and technical IT alerts.

#FollowFor: Bite size cyber updates all day long.

#TypicalTweet: Forensic specialists analyse Google Wallet



#About@: Information security professional and entrepreneur focused on business development in cyberspace. Self-confessed technophile.

#FollowFor: Security and compliance focused tweets with job vacancy links thrown in too.

#TypicalTweet: 12 Holiday PCI Compliance Tips Questions and Advice and Security ...



#About@: Moore is the CSO of Rapid7 and Chief Architect at penetration testing software firm Metasploit.

#FollowFor: Industry insight and answers to the Twittersphere’s technical IT questions.

#TypicalTweet: @tom_knudsen you can use Hosts + Modules to run one module vs many targets in Community (quickly sweep psexec, ms08-067, new exploit, etc)

Andrew Elwell Contributor:   Andrew Elwell

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