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Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 09/23/2016
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"Of those industries that are seen as particularly 'at-risk' of unlawful drone use, 83% claim they require counter-drone solutions and are yet to fulfill this requirement..." Estimated at around $127 billion, the 'drone revolution' is booming. But amongst the optimism is a creeping concern about the security and safety threat that this technology p Full Article »
Posted: 07/15/2013
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Lt Gen Bernardis talking about Storm Shadow missiles Lt Gen (Rtd) Bernardis, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, earned widespread praise for his command of the air strike operation over Libya during OUP. As the Chairman of the Joint Deep Stike 2013 conference, he talks to Defence IQ ahead of the event to discuss the use of Storm Full Podcast »
Contributor: Defence IQ Press
Posted: 05/31/2016
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In recent years, there have been a number of key developments in radar technology which have enhanced radar capabilities for militaries worldwide. The technology provides critical capability for armed forces. Recent advancements in range, detection, identification, integration with other sensors, and adaptability to new missions, platforms and environments, make it one of the most dynamic and progressive markets for industry and military stakeholders. Full Sector Report »