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Cutting edge and new military technology topics cover cyber security, cyber warfare, weapons systems, night vision technology systems, sensor systems, military vehicles and aircraft technology - such as the Lynx Helicopter. Take a look at the latest resources in Defence Technology Developments that are being invested in the short, medium and long term.

How the Norwegian Armed Forces are benefiting from the mobile complex - Richard de Silva

Military organisations are just as exposed to new technology as the rest of society. The phenomenon of the digital age now includes the availability of extremely capable smartphones and tablets, the mobile Internet, a vast selection of on-line services, as well as countless digitally literate and skilled people. Collectively, we have come to call this the ‘mobile complex’. The most prominent factor of the mobile complex is availability: availability to services, information, and interaction. With this as a foundation, new designs and approaches within education may be created and utilised, thus paving the way for novel pedagogical methods. Where militaries are concerned, some are notably more on the ball than others when it comes to adopting openness to the mobile complex. Full Article »

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Securing vulnerable machines

Posted: 6/17/2012

Securing vulnerable machines -

Federal agencies classify and store information at various levels. Individuals are accorded access to that information based on the level of their security clearance and their need to know. The most common method to maintain such a chain of custody is to physically separate compartmented or classified materials on different networks and computing platforms. Secure KVM switching involves passing otherwise separate streams of classified information through a single device. Emerson explore how their product secures vulnerable systems in any network. Full Video »

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Lt Gen Bernardis talking about Storm Shadow missiles -

Lt Gen (Rtd) Bernardis, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, earned widespread praise for his command of the air strike operation over Libya during OUP. As the Chairman of the Joint Deep Stike 2013 conference, he talks to Defence IQ ahead of the event to discuss the use of Storm Shadow Missiles and the opportunities for nations to build on the campaign's success for future deep strike capabilities. Full Podcast »

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GEOINT: Latest Technologies and Opportunities to Enhance APAC Security

Technology has transformed the usefulness of GIS for national security operations. With the combination of new highly effective collection, analysis and dissemination technologies, actionable intelligence can be transferred to operational units like never before. Defence IQ looks at the latest technologies and greatest opportunities to leverage GEOINT in Asia. Full Sector Report »

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