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1682 article results
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  • HMS Illustrious takes final bow
    After a 32-year career, the last of the Royal Navy's Invincible Class aircraft carriers decommissions in Portsmouth. Having sailed over 900,000 miles on operations across the globe, including helping with the aftermath of the first Gulf War, HMS Illustrious has been decommissioned at a ceremony at Portsmouth Naval Base. Read more
     August 29,2014 by UK Ministry of Defence [MoD]   0
     Tags:   hms illustrious
  • Japan's defence budget jumps 2.4% to bolster ISR capabilities
    Signalling further tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, Japan’s Ministry of Defence has requested a 2.4% increase in its annual budget. The 2015 budget will total ¥4.9 trillion ($47.25 billion). Read more
     August 29,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   japan
  • An assessment of maritime security and piracy in Asia
    Not one Navy, Coast Guard or Air Force in all of Asia is content with their maritime security and anti-piracy capabilities. Each one is considering bolstering their fleets by acquiring new platforms and equipment to counter the rising threat of piracy and other illicit activities in Asian waters. Read more
     August 29,2014 by Andrew Elwell   0
     Tags:   coastal surveillance | asia piracy | anti-piracy
  • 100 years of the tank: A timeline
    The story of the tank is complex and cannot be done justice in summary format. This timeline therefore aims only to provide a few key waypoints along history's path to outline the great distance that this technology has travelled over a century of warfare. Read more
     August 28,2014 by Richard de Silva   1
     Tags:   tank history
  • Is the Australian Coast Guard too reliant on Defence?
    The creation of the Australian Border Force (ABF) within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will bring together people, capabilities and systems with a focus on law enforcement in border operations. The ABF will work across all points of entry to Australia helping bring a multitude of roles into a focused, centralised agency. However, the ABF will not include operations across the maritime domain which will remain the responsibility of Border Protection Command, nor will it include the Department’s flagship operation (Operation Sovereign Borders), leaving the ABF without a critical, and very public, element. Read more
     August 28,2014 by James Fahey   0
     Tags:   australia coast guard
  • Assessing Australia's power projection capability
    Much has been made of the Australian Navy's procurement of Landing Helicopter Dockships (LHD) and Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) with the Government citing improved capability to respond to humanitarian crises as a leading reason for the acquisitions. Given the ships the LHD is replacing (Manoora and Kanimbla) this reasoning appears justified, yet when the huge increase in offensive power projection capability is considered, the Government’s reasoning isn't quite accurate. Similarly, the AWD provides Australia with the capability to sustain power projection operations by providing advanced air defence - a capability currently missing from the Australian Navy - based on the Aegis combat system. Read more
     August 27,2014 by James Fahey   2
     Tags:   australia | AWD | LHD
  • F-35 News Round Up: 26th August 2014
    Lockheed Martin said Monday that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program enjoyed a good August, successfully completing several milestones, including its 400th flight and, on Aug. 13 at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., firing a missile. Read more
     August 26,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   f-35
  • Forward air control training in a coalition environment
    When it comes to calling in air support, there is never room for inaccuracy. As we continue along a road that takes us towards more precise operations, thanks largely to technological advancement, the results of any call for fire will always lie in the hands of the operators and ensuring that those troops remain in control comes down to effective, adaptive and dynamic training that reflects the modern battlespace as closely as possible. Read more
     August 26,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   air support | forward air operations
  • Supacat to supply Australian Defence Forces with HMT Extenda armoured vehicles
    Supacat, the UK-based high mobility vehicle specialist, has been awarded a $105 million contract by the Australian Defence Forces to deliver 89 Special Operations Vehicles - Commando (SOV-Cdo) under the JP2097 Ph 1B (REDFIN) programme. Read more
     August 20,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   supacat | armoured vehicles
  • Bulgaria in for new fighter jets under modernisation programme
    Bulgaria is seeking to acquire a number of new multipurpose fighter jets under a 1 billion leva (US $680 million) modernisation programme. Read more
     August 20,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   bulgaria | fighter
  • F-35 News Round Up: 19th August 2014
    O, Canada, land of “peace, order and good government.” Land of compromise and polite politics. Land of turmoil over whether to buy the F-35. As in the United States, the fighter plane has become a rancorous political issue. What once looked like a sure buy of 65 planes has been bogged down by infighting and un-Canadian vitriol, and the purchase is on hold while Canadian officials consider whether to buy another plane. Read more
     August 19,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   f-35

1682 article results
   Page  of 169  
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