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1674 article results
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  • F-35 News Round Up: 19th August 2014
    O, Canada, land of “peace, order and good government.” Land of compromise and polite politics. Land of turmoil over whether to buy the F-35. As in the United States, the fighter plane has become a rancorous political issue. What once looked like a sure buy of 65 planes has been bogged down by infighting and un-Canadian vitriol, and the purchase is on hold while Canadian officials consider whether to buy another plane. Read more
     August 19,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   f-35
  • Global demand for radar soars as militaries seek to replace legacy systems
    Armed forces around the world are looking to replace radars which have been in their inventories for the past 30 years. The United States is leading the pack with both the US Air Force (USAF and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) involved in ambitious programmes to replace their legacy air surveillance radars with the new Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (known as the 3DLERR) and the AN/TPS-80 G/ATOR (Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar). The latter system is being produced by Northrop Grumman for the USMC, with the company awarded a contract in August 2013 worth $24.5 million to cover the commencement of production engineering and anticipated cost growth. Read more
     August 19,2014 by Thomas Withington   0
     Tags:   air surveillance | radar
  • Generation Y and the future of the armoured reserves
    There is an argument that the Army is always lagging behind the civilian environment; similarly, the UK is often assessed to be somewhat behind the US. It is therefore instructive to examine one of the main issues being tackled – somewhat successfully – by US corporations of a similar size and scale to the British Army. These civilian employers are well aware that the world is changing. Generation Y – the so-called “Millenials”, in rough terms those born since 1980 – have very different perceptions and expectations of life to those who grew up in previous generations. This substantial change of attitudes has brought about something of a revolution in the workplace, as traditional attitudes are forced to evolve. The preponderance of mobile devices has also led to a real change in how people work, when, and of course where. Read more
     August 19,2014 by Justin Crump   0
     Tags:   reservists
  • African armoured vehicle procurement plans 2014+
    The demand for armoured and counter-IED vehicles in Africa is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024 as the global market shifts to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Check out our graphic below detailing African procurement plans over the next decade. Read more
     August 19,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   armoured vehicles africa
  • UK maritime capability: The missing element
    Following the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR 10), the planned Nimrod MRA4 fleet was scrapped. Four years later, it is clear that this is a major loss of capability. At a time when our maritime interests are so obviously of higher profile, the need for a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) is now a topic for Government attention and brought into sharper focus by the recent events surrounding the disappearance of Flight MH370, in which a very large area of the Indian Ocean needed to be searched. A variety of MPA from several nations participated in the search, led by the Australians. Britain could not now undertake such a mission were a similar tragedy to occur in UK waters. Read more
  • MILSPRAY eyes renewable energy and armour composites market as new CEO targets rapid growth
    Brian Feser’s vision is to transform MILSPRAY into a $200 million diversified defence firm within the next two years. Having taken over as CEO in May, Feser is restructuring the company and adopting a forward-looking strategy to take advantage of the opportunities in the armoured vehicle market as well as in other technology verticals. Read more
     August 8,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   composite armour | renewable energy | milspray
  • F-35 News Round up: 6th August 2014
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd's broader participation in the F-35 stealth fighter program could be delayed by an intra-governmental spat over subsidies, two people familiar with the process said. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   f-35
  • OPV Procurement Map 2014 [Interactive]
    View the latest (Summer 2014) offshore patrol vessel acquisition plans from across the international market. Simply click on the thumbnail to access the graphic. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   opv
  • How the Danish Air Force Academy is taking serious gaming seriously
    While mass multiplayer video gaming is still a burgeoning field within the military domain, the concept of serious gaming is not a new one, nor one that has hinged on the development of digital technology. From board games to card games, involving recruits in activities that requires lateral thinking, independent decision-making and pure guile has been a useful method of teaching effective ways to achieve set outcomes. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   smart devices | military e-learning
  • The challenges facing Finland's maritime border patrol
    Europe is seeing growing severity in the volume of people smuggling now taking place from the sea. As part of this increased emphasis, the Finnish Border Guard (FBG) will be represented at the event’s workshop day to discuss its efforts to increase collaboration across those international services striving towards a common goal. At the baseline, the FBG is responsible for enforcing the security of Finland's borders, both blue and green. As a Coast Guard authority, it is the leading provider of search and rescue (SAR) and is responsible for when human lives or the environment are in danger at sea, aside to having a variety of regular maritime law enforcement duties. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   maritime patrol | maritime surveillance
  • Red Cross: Saving the lives of the life-savers
    Those who practice medicine in the battlefield routinely and voluntarily put their lives on the line. However, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is quick to point out, that does not mean those practitioners are exempt from the right, the need, nor the expectation for protection. If anything, those in the field conducting humanitarian aid missions are meant to be some of the most protected of all, working as they do to indiscriminately save the lives of any wounded person or victim of war. While there are laws that govern this protection, a lack of understanding or of concern across many regions torn apart by violent struggle means that protection is far from guaranteed. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   medevac

1674 article results
   Page  of 168  
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