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October 20, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
Are you involved in the field of directed energy systems, or in an area of the defence industry that is impacted by the emergence of this technology? Or are you involved in operations that may soon incorporate directed energy solutions?Many people are curious about the development and deployment of these cutting-edge systems, including laser,...
October 19, 2016 by Gaia Racca
October 2016 marks an important month on the historical calendar of Somalia. After more than thirty years of violence, chaos and political instability the country held the first electoral steps to determine a roadmap for what could be called its ‘most democratic’ election in decades – with delegates casting votes for the members of the Upper House...
October 18, 2016 by Daniel Urchick
sco peace mission
IntroductionI have previously asserted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) “Peace Mission” military anti-terror exercises have numerous benefits for the Chinese military that are not available to it elsewhere. The Peace Mission exercises are multilateral and allow the PLA to practice joint and integrated warfare with the closest...
October 18, 2016 by Victor M. S. Barreira
Thales is unveiling its AUSS concept (Autonomous Underwater & Surface System) long-range hybrid multi-mission multi-sensors remote-controlled system capable of operating both above and below the surface at EURONAVAL 2016 international naval technologies trade show being held in Paris-Le Bourget, France 17-21 October. The system was first...
October 13, 2016 by Richard de Silva
nepalese army helicopter
This coming January's International Military Helicopter conference will welcome a brief from the Nepalese Army for the first time ever. Ahead of the event, Lieutenant General Baldev Raj Mahat, Chief of the General Staff of the Nepalese Army, told Defence IQ  about the country's plans to modernize its air assets in order to deal with...
October 13, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
London-based strategic communications firm, Global Influence, has announced a global initiative with Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) in a bid to help vulnerable families come together and stand up to violence and terror. The campaign unites families and survivors with charities to join forces against violent extremism and prevent...
October 7, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
OPV ME CG vessel
Part I: Overview of future programmes and requirements in the regionRegion Overview The Middle East is one of the most active regions for investment in military equipment and capabilities. The acquisition of offshore patrol vessels and corvettes tends to dominate naval requirements in the Middle East and North Africa, which is the result of...
October 3, 2016 by Gaia Racca
ELN Colombia Thumbnail
Yesterday, in a historic referendum, the population of Colombia decided to vote “No” to the peace agreement that would have officially ended 52 years of conflict. 50.22% of the electorate ruled against President Juan Manuel Santos’s proposed deal with the FARC.Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, leader of the opposition and supporter of the...
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October 3, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
An early version of the Alakran mortar carrier system. The latest design is to be unveiled this month at Future Mortar Systems conference in London, UK. Image: NTGS.For years, the issue of reducing or eliminating mortar recoil force has been one of the most in need for proven solutions among mortar crews. The dynamic load produced by the firing of...
September 26, 2016 by Richard de Silva
Europe has found itself in a difficult situation. Following the UK referendum that determined an exit from the EU, a crisis summit h=this month was held in Bratislava Federica Mogherini in an effort to put up a united front. However, the event was marred by disagreement as issues surrounding immigration and economy instead highlighted some deep...
2213 article results
of 221