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Renewable energy on the front line: Interactive graphic

Contributor: Richard de Silva
Posted: 12/15/2014

Renewable energy on the front line: Interactive graphic - Richard de Silva

The case for reducing fuel supplies in theatre can be made in the fact that energy efficiency does not just save money, but also saves lives, reducing casualties through the simplification of logistics. In spite of the drawdown from Afghanistan, military planners must focus on the future, anticipating that the next deployed ground force will need to be outfitted with the best capability possible to generate enough energy on-base. Full Article »

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Infantry weapons: It's quality engineering, nothing flashy -

At this year’s Eurosatory, Defence IQ tracked down ASE UTRA to discuss its innovations in the realm of flash and noise suppression. As one of the largest manufacturers in the world for this equipment, sales and marketing manager Tuuka Jokinen was only too happy to explain how the company’s solution is built on quality engineering and has seen a rise in demand from both the military and civilian market. Full Video »

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Spanish Artillery Training: structure, history and development -

This year, the Spanish Artillery School of Segovia turns 250 years old. As we discover from this podcast discussion with the head of the facility, Commander Alfredo Sanz, in order to progress into the future of this field, we must remember the principles learnt from our past. Sanz walks us through the evolution of artillery, the structure of modern artillery in the Spanish Army, and the future priorities from precision to command and control. Full Podcast »

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Why the IED problem in Mali is bigger than you think

Aside to the headline-grabbing conflicts arising in Iraq, Eastern Europe and Nigeria, violence in Mali persists. Among the recent attacks made by rebel groups have been those targeting UN peacekeepers and civilians, often with suicide bombs on outposts or bustling markets. Full Sector Report »

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