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Zambian Army's Chief of Staff explains armoured vehicle modernisation requirements

Contributor:  Andrew Elwell
Posted:  02/28/2013  12:00:00 AM EST
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Major General Topply Lubaya, the Zambian Army’s chief of staff, believes that the Zambian Armoured Corp’s “greatest enemy is obsolescence.”

Speaking at the recent International Armoured Vehicles conference in Farnborough, Maj Gen Lubaya explained that his country’s efforts in UN operations over the last few decades has pushed its land forces to the limit and Zambia is now in need of significant capability upgrades.

The modernisation of the T-59 main battle tank is one of the key programmes that Lubaya is looking at. He said that the MBT is now “too old” and will need improvements made to its protection levels, firepower and mobility as well as its communication technologies.

The engines need to be replaced with something that produces close to 800 bhp to improve mobility according to the Army chief. In addition, protection will be boosted with the use of explosive reactive armour while new air-conditioning systems will also act as NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection.

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