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Posted:  02/19/2013  12:00:00 AM EST
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Reporting by Andrew Elwell, Defence IQ Editor. Photos courtesy of Trevor Sheehan of Defence Photography.

For the first time at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAVs) conference and exhibition a test track was made available to vehicle manufacturers, allowing them to demonstrate their capabilities to a global customer base. Streit Group, International Armoured Group, IVECO and Universal Engineering all took up the opportunity to unleash their vehicles on the Long Valley test track in Aldershot.

It was England in February, so those who went down without their wellies were in for a damp surprise but their feedback – wet socks or not – was overwhelmingly positive. You wouldn’t buy an Audi A3 from a car showroom without going for a test-drive, what makes anyone think a bit of armour would alter that mind-set? That was what the IAVs organisers quickly realised and set about putting a test track plan into effect.

Trevor Sheehan, the industry’s go-to man for professional defence photography services, was on the scene to catch the vehicles in action. He got some cracking shots…

(If you’d like to see the photos in a higher resolution format or to see all the other pictures from IAVs please get in touch with Trevor Sheehan on


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