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US State Department: North Korea must comply with UN Security Council Resolutions

Contributor:  US Department of State
Posted:  01/12/2011  12:00:00 AM EST  | 

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Mark C. Toner
Acting Deputy Department Spokesman
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
January 11, 2011
QUESTION: Mark, Secretary Gates said in Beijing that North Korea should have a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing before the resumption of the Six-Party Talks. So do you think that’s a precondition for the Six-Party Talks, the moratorium?
MR. TONER: I would just say that Secretary Gates cited that example. But obviously, that example is in the context of what we’ve been saying so far, which is that North Korea needs to cease provocative behavior and it needs to live up to its obligations and commitments, including the 2005 joint statement and both UN Security Council resolutions. So, I mean, he cited one example, but obviously there’s more there. It’s not just about rhetoric. It’s about – for North Korea it’s about changing its behavior, and that goes beyond that specific example. But that’s certainly a relevant example.
QUESTION: So you mean just one of the examples for the preconditions?
MR. TONER: Again, what Secretary Gates, I think, was saying is absolutely legitimate, but it’s in the context of, again, what we’ve been saying all along, which is that North Korea needs to live up to its obligations and commitments as stated in the 2005 joint statement and UN Security Council resolutions.
Tejinder, go ahead.
QUESTION: In the same – Secretary Gates also said that U.S.-China should have more transparent relationship. So was this discussed during the recent trip of the foreign minister? Can we expect something during the Chinese president’s visit to the U.S.?
MR. TONER: In terms of a more transparent relationship?
QUESTION: More transparent – yeah.
MR. TONER: Obviously, well, Tejinder, all this – all of these meetings leading up to President Hu’s trip here is in that context of building a better, stronger, more constructive, and ultimately more transparent relationship with China.
QUESTION: These meetings are scheduled for the 19th with the President, with President Obama, and when does the Chinese president --
MR. TONER: This is – oh, Chinese president, okay, sorry. I’d refer you to the White House for specific dates, schedule. That’s it?
Acting Deputy Department Spokesman
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
January 11, 2011

US Department of State Contributor:   US Department of State

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