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Posted:  10/15/2009  3:42:00 PM EDT
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USAF Poised to ISSUE New KC-X Aircraft RfP

The US Air Force (USAF) was due to issue a new request for proposals (RfP) for the KC-X aerial-refuelling aircraft competition in late September. The contract worth as much as US$-40 billion to build 179 new tankers. US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates terminated the USAF’s KC-X tanker acquisition programme in 2008 after the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) upheld Boeing’s protest against the USAF’s decision to award the contract to the Northrop Grumman/EADS team.

IAF Seeks Urgent Basic Trainer Procurement

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is facing a crisis in its pilot training schedule after grounding its entire fleet of Hindustan Piston Trainer 32 (HPT-32) Deepak basic trainer aircraft following a series of fatal accidents. Stage 1 of the IAF’s pilot training programme has been severely disrupted as a result, at a time when Stage 2 and 3 are also under pressure due to procurement delays. The IAF is now demanding the immediate procurement of 200 basic trainers from overseas to cope with the training crunch. Ten Deepaks have crashed over the past decade, the most recent coming on the 31st July.

Turkey Seeks Interim Lift As It Awaits A400Ms

With deliveries of its first Airbus Military A400Ms having slipped from December 2009 until early 2013, Turkey has announced plans to acquire an interim capability including 10 tactical transports. Turkey’s undersecretariat for defence industries, the SSM, plans to start a project shortly, with a selection to be made by mid-2010 between the Airbus Military C-295 and Alenia Aeornautica’s C-27J Spartan. The service is to receive 10 A400Ms.
USAF T-38 Replacement

The US Air Force has launched a market survey to inform its acquisition of a new lead-in trainer in 2017, while it is also crafting a careful strategy to preserve its current Northrop T-38C Talon fleet through to its planned retirement in 2026. The USAF’s 558-aircraft T-38C fleet has already entered its third lifecycle. High-time aircraft have already accumulated 16,000 flight hours, although the type was originally designed to retire after 7,000h prior to being upgraded. The T-38C’s age is not the only concern driving the replacement programme. The trainer is limited to about 5g loads during aerial combat, which is insufficient for preparing pilots for the Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35 Lightning II A US Navy source recently revealed that the service has held early discussions with the air force over a possible future joint training aircraft requirement to support types including the F-35.

USAF Launches RFIS for Coin Aircraft

The US Air Force (USAF) has issued detailed requests for information (Rfls) for light attack and light mobility platforms for its new proposed counter insurgency (COIN) air commando units. The Air Combat Command (ACC) Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR) and Air Mobility Command (AMC) Light Mobility Aircraft (LiMA) Rfls, issued on the 27th July, outline the capabilities required by the air force for its new COIN force, the need for which was announced by Michael Vickers, the leading civilian in charge of co-ordinating US military special operations, on the 23rd July.

According to the LAAR Rfl, the USAF is looking to field 100 fixed-wing light-attack aircraft with deliveries starting in FY12 and an initial operational capability (IOC) to be declared in FY13. The tandem two-seat LAAR platform will be able to accommodate multiple weapon and sensor types as the mission dictates. It will be equipped with a gun and precision weapons and will have the ability to co-ordinate fire-support directly with ground units through voice, video and datalinks.

The Rfl for a LiMA platform states that the USAF requires 60 fixed-wing transport aircraft with deliveries starting in FY11 and an IOC in FY12. The chosen platform must be able to perform airlift of cargo and personnel, airdrop, forward operating location re-supply and medical/casualty evacuation. It must be able to carry six passengers and operate from austere surfaces with a minimum 816.4kg load (passengers and cargo). It must be fitted with a cargo door and have a 900 n. mile range without ferry tanks. Additionally, the aircraft must be capable of internal ferry tank operations. Companies had to respond to both these Rfls by the 28th August.



Requirement for 700 tactical vehicles at 100 per year.


M113B upgrade requirement



A fleet of 20 30-35m coastal patrol boats and 3 OPVs plus associated equipment and services are to be acquired in a programme worth $1.01 billion.


Maintains a requirement for two new-generation submarines to enter in service around 2014, but the development costs are likely to prove too high, for the country to carry out the project alone.


Considering the acquisition of new submarines, with a project definition study to begin in 2009 and first delivery tentatively projected in around 2014-15. The most likely solutions to be evaluated are expected to describe either a modified Type 212 or Type 214 design.

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