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Contributor:  Samantha Tanner
Posted:  06/12/2012  12:00:00 AM EDT
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After many hours of discussion and debate, we’ve finally agreed on our shortlist for the eagerly awaited 2012 Defence IQ Blogging Awards. We’ve seen nominations from avid readers, bloggers, journalists and fans from across the world alerting us to the best blogging the industry has to offer. We’ll be revealing the winner of each category on Wednesday 20thJune 2012 when our panel gets together and debates each category’s strongest blogger. Have you been nominated? Find out below.

The shortlist for each category is as follows:

Information Operations

To Inform Is To Influence

PSYOP Regimental Blog

Mountain Runner

Small Wars Journal

Cyber (Security, Warfare, Strategy)


Flying Penguin

Schneier on Security

Counter Terrorism

Ink Spots

Gunpowder & Lead

Intel Wire

The Freedom Fighter Blog

Security Scholar

All Things Counter Terrorism

Maritime Security

Daly History Blog

Maritime Security Review

Marine Insight

Information Dissemination

Signal Scape

Regional Defence

Window on Heartland

The MOD Stole My Boyfriend

Thin Pinstriped Line

Augen Geradeaus

Think Defence


The 3DS Blog


Defence Industry

AOL Defense

Fire Support

Land Warfare Blog

Defence Aerospace Technological Advancement

Strategy Analytics

Danger Room

RAF Airman

The Defence IQ panel will now convene to choose a winner in each category. For now, if your blog is listed above we have a selection of badges available to you to show that your blog has been recognised by your readers and by Defence IQ. Get in touch to claim your badge now at

Good luck to all!

Samantha Tanner Contributor:   Samantha Tanner

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