Controversial Result From Women in Combat Poll?

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Posted:  10/26/2012  12:00:00 AM EDT
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Last week the Australian Defence Force announced that it was beginning to open up its most dangerous military jobs to women. This was great news, apart from the announcement being sullied shortly afterwards when the Australian press leaked a document drafted by ADF officials that listed 71 concerns of “extreme,” “high” and “medium” importance as to why women shouldn’t be allowed to apply for every military role.

Defence IQ ran a straw poll this week to find out what you thought about this issue. Currently, 7% of military roles are not open to women in Australia – while this looks set to change over the next 5 years we wanted to find out what you thought: Should women in the military be considered for any and all combat roles?

Somewhat controversially, the majority of respondents don’t think women should be considered for all military jobs.* The breakdown of results is below.


What do you think about the outcome? A fair result or a travesty of justice? We’d love to hear your views – email your comments to

*Based on a survey of 75 respondents.


Defence IQ Press Contributor:   Defence IQ Press

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