Chuck is the man for the job! Defence IQ readers back Hagel for Defense Secretary

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Posted:  01/14/2013  12:00:00 AM EST
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With president Obama having nominated Chuck Hagel, the former Republican Senator for Nebraska, for the Secretary of Defense post, what does the defence community think of the decision?

There are two schools of thought – or at least two overriding opinions – on Hagel at this point: He served his country in Vietnam and he has been accused of not supporting the Israeli cause enough.

In a recent poll we asked: Is president Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel a good choice for Defense Secretary in 2013? Here are the results…

According to Defence IQ readers it seems the fact that Hagel was an enlisted soldier overrides any of the other concerns about his appointment. If confirmed Defense Secretary, Hagel will become the first enlisted soldier to ever hold the post. At a time when politicians are becoming increasingly disengaged from the public, the immediate connection the military and defence community has forged with Hagel indicates that he already has a strong body of support.

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