Air, Land and Sea Defence Services

Gain a holistic understanding of the  triforce services needs, plus industry efforts impacting the fireline of land, air and sea military exercises. We cover the news on military supply chain logistics with insight from defence contractors working on the latest solutions.­­­­

Contributor: Gaia Racca
Posted: 12/07/2016
Italian PM Matteo Renzi
This week saw the fall of the 63rd Italian government in 70 years.The country’s population was asked to amend the constitution, to abolish symmetric bicameralism and to eliminate the provinces. The answer was a loud and clear ‘No’.  The reasons behind the choice of 60 percent of the electorate are complicated and inherently contradictory. Full Article »
Posted: 07/15/2013
on point podcast series
UK GBAD Commander on Olympics defence and security Colonel Jon Campbell, the UK MoD's Ground Based Air Defence Commander, reveals the full extent of London's missile security measures during the Summer Olympic Games of 2012 in this 30 minute audio programme. Campbell explains the various challenges faced by his forces, offering advice to his Full Podcast »
Contributor: Richard de Silva
Posted: 11/14/2016
Defence ministries and major contractors would be at a loose end without vast global supply chains to provide the equipment needed to undertake operations in a timely, cost-effective manner. However, as these chains add more links, the complexity of managing them has steadily increased, while the risk of a single vulnerability – and its potential t Full Sector Report »