Air, Land and Sea Defence Services

Gain an all encompassing picture of military tri-services needs - the developments and changes that impact the front-line. Tri-services cover air defence, Army services, Air Force services, Marine Services, r defence supply chain, networking capabilities, missile defence, air-land integration, personnel recovery, C4I, CBRN, air-to-air, and ground to air operations.

Contributor: Dr James Bosbotinis
Posted: 06/06/2016
Dr James Bosbotinis
The trajectory of Russia’s national policy combined with its on-going rearmament programme poses a growing threat to security in the Euro-Atlantic. Russian actions in Georgia in 2008, Ukraine since 2014, and the scale and scope of its ‘snap’ military exercises, especially their focus on high-intensity conventional – and in cases, nuclear – operations against NATO and allied countries (notably Finland and Sweden), highlight Russia’s increasing belligerence and assertiveness. This is based on Moscow’s deep dissatisfaction with the post-Cold War settlement, in particular with regard to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and a desire for recognition as a Great Power. Moreover, the fundamental long-term objective for Russian national policy is the assertion of primacy over the former Soviet Union, in particular in military-strategic terms. Full Article »
Posted: 07/15/2013
on point podcast series
UK GBAD Commander on Olympics defence and security Colonel Jon Campbell, the UK MoD's Ground Based Air Defence Commander, reveals the full extent of London's missile security measures during the Summer Olympic Games of 2012 in this 30 minute audio programme. Campbell explains the various challenges faced by his forces, offering advice to his Full Podcast »
Contributor: Richard Pain
Posted: 04/18/2016
With 7,107 islands and 10.2% of the world’s coastline, the defence capabilities of the Philippines are stretched to face challenges including piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing, pollution, smuggling and more. In response to these and other threats, the Philippines government has increased its 2016 defence budget by 9.2% for 2016, reaching a total of PHP126.62 billion ($2.66 billion). This represents a record defence budget for the country. Full Sector Report »