Medical Support to the Future Battlefield – From Research to Reality

DMHD Forum is currently in production for later this year - previously the event was organised with the support of Defence Medical Services, UK MoD, Deployed Medical and Healthcare Delivery is the flagship opportunity for clinicians, organisational thinkers and capability planners to drive clinical delivery for the battlefield of the future.

As doctrine adapts to meet the peer threat, the military medical community must improve capability across the Operational Patient Care Pathway – from point of injury through to definitive care. DMHD will be the only conference to look across that pathway, with a three day programme that asks how clinical care can be delivered in accordance with accepted clinical timelines, on a less dense battlefield and with insecure lines of communication.

2020 Speakers Included:

Why attend Deployed Medical & Healthcare Delivery?

Understand how UK Defence Medical Services adopts innovation across the operational patient care pathway to advance clinical delivery from point of injury to definitive care

Hear directly from the clinicians responsible for administering deployed care, and understand the on-the-ground impact of medical innovation for the equipment-use

Examine the future of deployed medical care in support of major joint operations with case studies from the Bundeswehr, French Military Medical Service, Canadian Armed Forces and US Air Force

Position your organisation as a leading partner for deployed medical healthcare, by aligning your solutions with the challenges of frontline medics.