Since the Space Operations Summit launched in 2019, NATO has approved its first space policy and declared space as an operational domain. A historic moment; recognising the evolving threats facing the Alliance's members and partners as they seek to integrate space within a joint all-domain concept of operations

As thinking on the defence space enterprise matures, this conference provides an opportunity to translate that thinking into capability. It represents a platform not only for advancing space as a warfighting domain in an of itself, but for supporting the development of space-based systems as vital joint enablers for future operations across air, land, sea and cyber.

With keynotes from NASA, the NATO Communications and Information Agency and the US Combined Space Operations Center, the conference will open with an interactive workshop focused on commercial launch services, recognising that delivering capability in and effects from space begins with access to space. The two conference days will examine topics including small satellites, space situational awareness, resiliency for space assets, command and control, data relay and connectivity.

Join us in April as we seek to integrate space in an era of multi-domain operations.

2020 Summit Speakers

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Coordinate NATO thinking on space by attending the only forum committed both to exploring space as an operational domain and as an enabler for future joint operations

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Improve access to space by developing partnerships with commercial launch service providers to deliver a repeatable, cost-effective launch capability

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Enhance capability in space by identifying information, network and cyber technologies capable of improving command and control, situational awareness and resilience for space-based systems

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Deliver effect from space by improving real-time connectivity and data relay to support the integration of space as a core component of the joint fight

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The Space Operations Summit

The inaugural  Space Operations Summit welcomed speakers from 10 nations and a truly international attendee faculty to London. Missed the summit? Find out what you missed with the Defence iQ Space Operations Post Show Report.  

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