The International Fighter Conference 2019 returns to Berlin to discuss the future of Combat Air Power across the spectrum of operations. The utility of Combat Air, air-integration into multi-domain operations, and continuing interest in both next generation and light attack platforms calls for a broad range of discussion suited to the 250 attendees that gather each year from both large and small air forces alike. The Conference, now in its 19th year, has built a reputation as the world’s premier event for all elements of the fighter aircraft community, with attendance spanning from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Investment in expensive high-end platforms needs to be balanced with a requirement for platforms adept and efficient in low-intensity conflict. What is consistent is that information and connectivity is at the heart of operations. This year’s wide-ranging programme uniquely covers the key and emerging issues related to airpower delivery for military leaders and industry. Over the few conference days, we will exchange perspectives and gain insights towards meeting the challenges of operations now and in the future, addressing integration of next generation assets with existing platforms, light attack aircraft, electro-magnetic spectrum dominance, cyber integration, advanced training, LVC, cost-effective capability development, disruptive technologies and mission planning. The next generation programmes, including FCAS, Tempest, and F-X will be discussed and will provide an incredible opportunity to revolutionise airpower delivery and open the door for international opportunities.

The conference format runs 12-14 November with the 14 November comprising a day of focus sessions: a dedicated morning for smaller air forces to examine the Ford vs. Ferrari debate and a focus afternoon, evaluating the role of disruptive technologies in future airpower delivery. 

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Confirmed 2019 Speakers:

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Top 4 Reasons to Attend IFC 2019:

Interactive Panel Discussions

Define a light attack blueprint which can support the delivery of decisive air-ground capability in the permissive operating environment

Focus day examining two key areas

Integrate cyber, EW and the electromagnetic spectrum to sustain the operational edge in a contested battlespace

Independent analysis and global trends

Optimise the management and fusion of data to support the attainment of information dominance for air operations and the joint force

Independent analysis and global trends

Improve the training model by blending live and synthetic approaches, and support rapid and effective decision-making for the data-age pilot

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