Cyber Security for Advanced Manufacturing Agenda

Defence iQ’s Cyber Security for Advanced Manufacturing Conference (taking place 26th - 28th May in London, UK) is the the only conference for ICS and OT cybersecurity focused on digitally native manufacturing industries. 

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The conference offers a unique opportunity for advanced manufacturers to learn from and connect with cyber security specialists, technology leaders and policymakers who will offer practical guidance, case-studies and risk analyses to ensure that the industry is prepared for and resilient against the cyber and data breach threat.

Key topics include:

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0
  • Industry 4.0: moving towards ‘Smart Factories’
  • What does industry 4.0 mean for advanced manufacturing?

Integrating OT & IT infrastructure security

  • Managing the cyber risk of Integrating OT, IT and IP sides of the business
  • Enterprise architectures and network topologies: data storage, data sharing, platforms, network segregation
  • Supply Chain and collaboration engagement. Identifying weak points in your network

Managing cyber risk and incident response

  • Changing the understanding of cyber security at board level is resulting in exposure to hidden risk
  • How to ensure proper insurance measures are in place to protect against cyber incident – risk transfer, pre-incident mitigation services, and incident response services

How to build an effective cyber defence: talent, people & culture

  • How actively engaging with your organisations leads to stronger cyber security risks
  • Raising employee awareness: the impact of bring your own device to the manufacturing network

Regulations and Compliance

  • Supporting legacy systems in a faster moving, smarter and more connected environment
  • Lessons identified from the implementation of the NIS Directive
  • How successful is NIS in securing cyber systems

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