Digital Sponsorship

Change and Complexity in the Defence Industry

The aerospace and defence industry is confronted with a growing number of disruptive forces, from unforeseen geopolitical crises to rapid technological innovation and doctrinal evolution. Acquisition culture has changed dramatically, too. Commercial industry, SME's and start ups are developing technologies with profound implications for military operations. The focus for many strategic decision makers is on data, digitization and system integration. Procurement cycles must be compressed to ensure that the military can keep pace with technological change.

This transformation has altered the way that military and industry communicate and build relationships with eachother. Given the pace of technological change and the growing number of players in the defence industry playing field, it will become more challenging for traditional and non-traditional defence companies to remain relevant and at the forefront of intellectual thought. Adopting a more diverse engagement strategy, encompassing a variety of channels, can be the difference in this global market.

Designing a Digital Strategy

Defence IQ provides defence industry with an agile and effective platform from which to engage new and existing customers in a complex, crowded and technologically-driven market.

We work with industry as a strategic business development and marketing partner, helping commercial organisations to position themselves as thought leaders and innovators via our global conferences and digital content. By engaging with military and civilian decision-makers via both of these platforms, our Industry Partners can remain relevant in the global defence market and continue to shape future thinking on defence policy, procurement and technology. 

Digital Sponsorship Packages

Defence IQ’s Digital Sponsorship packages enable our industry partners to optimise their time at our events via our digital platforms before and after the conference takes place. We collaborate with our partners to design a digital strategy that works for them, whether the primary focus is on lead generation, thought leadership, or brand and product exposure.

Contact the Editor of Defence IQ, Hannah Croft, at to discuss sponsorship opportunities.