10 - 12 December, 2019 | Salzburg Barracks, Salzburg, Austria

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2019 Agenda

Download the 2019 agenda now to discover which expert speaker is giving a presentation on the following topics:Assessing Challenges of a Degraded Areal Operating EnvironmentFuture Proofing Training to Ensure PreperationStrategi ...

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How the Czech Air Force is revamping its Air Power Capability

The current security context in Eastern Europe has prompted the Czech Republic to undergo a staggering US$ 4.5 billion modernisation programme of its armed forces. The key focus areas for its Air Force encompass the upgrade and procurement of transport aircraft and combat drones, and the improvement of its fighter...

Pilot shortage and training needs: Market overview

Did you know 52.9% of European Air Forces currently have a critical need for pilot training? Ahead of this year’s Air Power Eastern Europe conference, Defence IQ surveyed experts from European Air Forces, consultancies, Ministries of Defence and Industry on what they need to overcome pilot training challenges.Download the survey...

Air Power in Eastern Europe: Regional Programmes and Requirements map

Eastern European countries are looking to revamp their air capabilities in light of the changing security context and the re-emergence of near-peer adversaries in the region. Ahead of this edition of the Air Power Eastern Europe conference, officially supported by the Austrian Air Force, Defence IQ compiled a map outlining...

Interactive Map: Requirements & Opportunities for Air Power in Eastern Europe

With many acquisition programmes gaining new traction given the current regional circumstances, this interactive map provides a high level overview of the current air power procurement and requirements in Eastern Europe including fixed wing, rotary and training aircraft.

Cooperation and Deterrence: Assessing the Importance of Air Power in Eastern Europe

In the wake of Russian annexation of Crimea and growing security threats, the ability to defend the Eastern Europe's air space has become of critical importance to both international organisations and the affected nations. Enhancing the capabilities of Eastern Europe’s air defence is critical in order to build a quick...

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Download the 2019 Event Guide

Download the 2019 Event guide to discover our confirmed expert speaker panel, topics of discussion and who attended last year. 

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Interview: Major General Kaluzinski outlines Poland’s jet trainer requirements

Defence IQ speaks with the Polish Air Force Deputy Commander & Chief of Training, Major General Slawomir Kaluzinski… Read the full interview here.

Map of the Region

In an effort to meet NATO requirements and deter Russian aggression, Eastern European Air Forces are embarking on extensive modernisation projects. Download our exclusive map of the region to see updates on various nations' military flight training aircraft and programmes.

Requirements, Priorities and Challenges in Military Flight Training

Defence IQ spoke exclusively to Colonel Rejman, Deputy Commander 21st Air Force Base, Czech Air Force about the key priorities and challenges being faced in regard to both live and simulation flight training in the Czech Republic.

Pilot Training Challenges of the Botswana Defence Force

Lt Col James Maphanyane, Commander of the Botswana Defence Force's Flight Training School, tells Defence IQ about his nation's programme structure, the opportunities for joint and multinational training, and how education is to be balanced in the coming years.