How the Czech Air Force is revamping its Air Power Capability

How the Czech Air Force is revamping its Air Power Capability

The current security context in Eastern Europe has prompted the Czech Republic to undergo a staggering US$ 4.5 billion modernisation programme of its armed forces. The key focus areas for its Air Force encompass the upgrade and procurement of transport aircraft and combat drones, and the improvement of its fighter jets’ communications systems, in order to enhance their interoperability with NATO Air Forces.

Ahead of Air Power Eastern Europe 2019, Defence IQ delved into its Air Force modernisation programme, as it accounts for 20% of the Czech Republic defence spending, one of the largest in the area. In this article, Colonel Jan Susekar, Director, Future Development Office, Czech MOD, in charge of the planning of future Air Force capabilities shares his insights on the priorities of the Air Force and the main challenges they are encountering. 

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  • Know the top modernisation priorities of the Czech Air Force, who will be attending Air Power Eastern Europe 2019
  • Learn more about acquisition and upgrade programmes that will help the Czech Air Force revamp their air power capabilities 

The Czech Republic will be represented by Colonel Jaroslav Mika, Deputy Base Commander, Caslacv Tactical Air Base at Air Power Eastern Europe 2019, where he will talk about cyber resilience of key onboard systems and C2 infrastructure. The conference, officially supported by the Austrian Air Force, will feature on its speaker panel representatives from Ukraine, the UK, Bulgaria, Poland, NATO Air Command, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the US, Sweden and Latvia. You can download the full agenda here.

The themes covered in this article will be the key focus of Air Power Eastern Europe 2019, as Eastern European nations will gather to discuss the development of future warfare and logistics capabilities to ensure collective regional security through effective air dominance in the multi-domain environment.

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