Global Surface Warships Market Report 2020

The Surface Warships Global Market Report 2020 has been curated by Defence IQ to provide you with:

  • Top acquisition priorities from countries that will be present at Surface Warships 
  • The chance to develop business strategies by meeting the right people from countries having active programmes and key requirements at Surface Warships
  • Key insights into investment trends from your peers

This report offers insights into the activity of nations that have confirmed their attendance at Surface Warships 2020, such as:

  • Romania – plans to acquire new corvettes at a total value of $1.93 billion to improve the Navy’s capabilities in the Black Sea
  • Greece – planned procurement of FREMM frigates to enter service in mid-2020s
  • United Kingdom – integration of the Type 26 frigate and the Type 31e frigate
  • France – implementation of the Horizon Marine 2025 plan and replacement of its ‘La Fayette’ class frigates
  • United States – procurement of the FFG(X) multi-mission frigate to enhance power projection. Experimentation and acquisition of LUSV

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