Surface Warships 2019: Developing the Future Surface Combatant for an Information-Dominated Battlespace

The Surface Warships conference has become established as the premier meeting ground for the higher naval commands of the nato alliance and partner states, attracting over 150 senior officials including navy commanders, directors of materiel, heads of strategic programs, capability planners, shipyard directors, as well as leading solution providers.

Over the course of 3 days, the event will address the themes now, tomorrow, and the future, focusing on operational requirements for current operations, anticipated platform modernisation, and integration of disruptive technologies for future surface warships.

The conference will allow the exchange of knowledge in the field of ship design, construction, and operations across the entire spectrum of surface warships – identifying solutions for modernising capabilities and enhancing interoperability to maintain maritime superiority against near-peer opponents and asymmetric threats.

2019 Speakers:

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The premier meeting ground for the surface fleet community






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Benefits of Attending:

Enhance your understanding of ship design priorities to retain maritime superiority against near-peer opponents

Upgrade operational versatility and multi-mission modularity to face the full spectrum of threats in the future operating environment

Improve battlespace awareness by meeting leading solution providers of combat management systems, mission planning software, and sensor systems

Inform your organisation of national shipbuilding strategies and modernisation requirements of NATO Navies to formulate winning business proposals

Upgrade unit lethality and increase offensive power by learning about advancements in air defence, ASW, and surface-to-surface missile systems

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