Defining a future role for the OPV

The International Offshore Patrol Vessel conference will be hosted by the Spanish Navy in 2019.

With the EU NAVFOR Headquarters moving from the UK to Rota Naval Base in Cadiz Spain, the conference will provide a timely opportunity to engage with senior officers involved in this mission as well as see the expertise of the conference’s industrial partner, Cluster Maritimo Naval Cádiz. In advancing these discussions, OPV International 2019 will acknowledge an increasingly complex maritime security environment; an environment which demands an updated assessment of the role of the OPV platform itself.

The need to understand potential roles of the OPV across the spectrum of conflict is growing in this increasingly complex environment. Should the OPV concept include adaptability and readiness to contribute to a high-intensity conflict scenario for example? Engaging in debate about where this type of platform sits within the broader constabulary and battle fleet is critical, if such concepts are to sustain their relevance and deliver robust capabilities for the future.

Join us in September 2019 as we work to maximise situational awareness, upgrade inherent baseline capability and deliver a continuous patrol function for the OPV.

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Interactive Sessions

Define a blueprint for future builds which will maximise deployability, survivability and endurance for OPV operations in the complex environment

Real Situation Analysis

Enable future deployed operations by better integrating and leveraging the advanced situational awareness and C2 capabilities of the OPV

ISO Technical Committee

Execute multiple mission sets by integrating modularity and adaptability from the design phase – without compromising on baseline capability

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Approach continuous vessel operation and minimise downtime by implementing predictive approaches to sustainment, maintenance and support 

Networking Opportunities

Network the OPV with unmanned and manned airborne assets to increase the platform’s ability to patrol beyond line of sight

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