Shmuel Olanski

Head of Innovation Center Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

BG (res) Shmuel Olanski retired from the IDF three years ago after 30 years of combat service in the army. 

Over his career BG Olanski participated in all the IDF maneuvering operations in the past 30 years, and held a succession of commanding positions in the Israeli armored corps during operation “Protective Edge” (2014). 

Prior to his retirement, as chief of the IDF armored corps, BG Olanski led the steering committee of the next generation armor vehicles fleet for the ground maneuvering forces. The goal of the team was to shape and develop the future technologies and capabilities of the next MBT and IFV. Together with both the MOD and the IDF Mercava tank teams, the group formulated the concepts and solutions for the Carmel (the IDF’s concept for the next generation combat vehicle) and the Eitan AFV programs, including integration of innovative technologies into the vehicle demonstrators. 

In the last 3 years Mr. Olanski is the head of the Innovations Programs Center in Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD. The center develops an assortment of advanced technological programs and innovative operational concepts in RAFAEL, in particular autonomous systems incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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