20 - 23 January, 2020 | Twickenham, London, UK
Dr Robert Sadowski, Army Chief Roboticist at U.S. Army

Dr Robert Sadowski

Army Chief Roboticist
U.S. Army

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Robotics & Autonomous systems Focus Day (24 Jan)

Thursday, January 24th, 2019


Military dominance is no longer guaranteed as near-peer competitors have quietly worked to close the gap, whilst NATO and Allied partners have been preoccupied with COIN operations in the Middle East. Recognising that allied warfighters might no longer have a guaranteed technological advantage, our forces need to be better at leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies.
Near-peer competitors have taken concerted action to develop their indigenous robotics and autonomous systems, by developing long-range, precise, smart, stealthy and unmanned weapons platforms. In order for the U.S. Army and its partners to achieve overmatch with its competitors once again, the Army must seize the capability opportunities that RAS presents. 
Commissioned in January, the newest requirements organisation in the U.S. Army- Robotics Requirements at the U.S. Army Maneuver Center Of Excellence- will influence a budget of over $1 billion over the next 5 years. This focus day offers a unique opportunity to gain exclusive insight into the U.S. Army’s long term RAS strategy, the opportunity to influence, ask questions and, if you represent industry, discuss your own solutions.
Joining the U.S. Army will be a selection of authoritative RAS voices from military partners.
Why attend?
·          Analyse how future forces may apply RAS technologies in conjunction with next generation doctrine and tactical formations
·          Gain valuable insights and a CONOPS that will serve as the baseline for future operations in urban environments
·          Understand the organisational design and capabilities of RAS and how they can support other mechanised units
·          Identify the implications of RAS employment to inform concept development, capability determination and force design
·          Examine the cost benefits of disposable and dispensable RAS
This is an important opportunity for both traditional and non-traditional defence industry partners to receive initial requirements information linked to the U.S. Army’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems efforts.
Please note that there are limited places for this activity.