Taking Firepower Forward

Defence iQ is delighted to be hosting Future Artillery Online for its second year – the virtual partner to the world’s leading conference for the fires community.

The annual Future Artillery conference is firmly placed in the calendars of the international Fires community, due to its long-standing commitment to providing a secure environment for experts from across government, military and industry to discuss shared challenges and solutions to them. During a time of reduced opportunities for travel and face-to-face encounters, Future Artillery will again host international artillery leadership to take part in meaningful engagements with meaningful outcomes, and facilitate the building of new relationships as well as the strengthening of old ones. 

Recognising the role of artillery as one of the key enablers for combined arms manoeuvre, over three days we will discuss how the development of artillery through doctrine, training, capability development and operational lessons learned will equip us to meet the rapidly developing threats of the future. If recent conflicts around the world have shown us anything, it is that the importance of artillery and the wider Joint Fires enterprise will continue to be decisive. Not only this, but within the context of operations against a peer or near-peer adversary, dominance at range may be the critical factor and so one of the top priorities for military professionals today

We look forward to seeing you online in May.

2021 Speakers Include:


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