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The theme for DES 2019 is "Exploiting the Military Utility of Directed Energy". The focus will be on the future of militarily useful DE and the next steps required for these systems to earn their way onto platforms and into operations. This years' post-conference workshop day will feature sessions from the Police Academy of the Netherlands and BAE Systems, focusing on the utility of non-lethal force and the integration of DES into air, land, and sea platforms respectively. The majority of discussion will share end-user and industry insight into this increasingly relevant capability.

We are undoubtedly at a time where Directed Energy Systems are moving on to platforms across the tri-service. Technological progress is helping to meet SWaP-C challenges and the spectrum of threats-faced now includes UAVs and smaller targets which require, and provide operational rationale, for lower powered systems. At the same time missile defence requires the future operationalisation of high-powered systems - especially as hypersonic technology increases the threat and reduced the efficacy of traditional systems.

The race is on to field systems now, get this technology into the hands of the Warfighter, gain feedback on how the systems can be used and take an iterative approach to refine and design future systems. Now is the time to learn the military utility of directed energy and the next steps needed to make this technology a battlefield reality.

DES 2019 is the only European DES forum will contribute to the dialogue and expose capability planners, future operators and researchers to case-studies, developments in other nations, and help militaries share TTPS and Operational Concepts for this new capability. No more promises, DE is moving into operations!

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Key themes this year will include:

Exploiting the Military Utility of Directed Energy: earning a place onto platforms and into operations. What role do armed services see for directed energy, what technologies need to be refined, and what is the roadmap for adoption?

Defining and sharing concepts of operations and TTPs behind the use of Directed Energy Systems. What are the SWaP-C considerations and how can the value proposition of these systems be communicated to strategic leaders?

Understanding the threats faced and which problem sets most readily can be addressed by DES and which problem sets require more R&D in order to develop effective DES solutions?

Learning from case–studies to address training challenges for High-Powered lasers and understanding safety and deconfliction considerations to deploy laser systems on the battlefield

How Microwaves continue to have application as non-lethal weapon systems, but also as effective UAS-killers – how and why they may become the energy system of choice versus the laser

Join us in London at the end of October to take part in this well-known international event. You will have the opportunity to gain both strategic and technical insight from military leaders, research scientists and industry experts, including roadmaps, goals, and the art of the possible. This will allow you to define future operational concepts, understand militarily useful applications of the latest technologies and help deliver the latest technology to the warfighter.

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