In the absence of physical meetings, Air Power Eastern Europe Online will provide a unique platform for the regional military aviation community to make new connections, explore new ideas and discover new solutions. A series of panel and roundtable discussion groups will bring together commanders from air forces, army and naval aviation, heads of flight training, materiel directors, capability planners, as well as industry leaders.

Air Power Eastern Europe Online will do away with the usual format of sequential presentation following presentation.

Day One will feature a series of thematic discussions in a panel discussion format, interspersed with short 15-minute industry spotlight sessions on relevant technology and capability. These will be ‘open-door’ sessions, free to attend for serving military and government personnel. 

Day Two will consist of ‘closed door’ roundtable discussions amongst the previous day’s discussants which are not open to the audience or members of the press.

We aim to cover diverse topics such as multi-domain operations and the role air power would need to play. A discussion around tactics that a peer adversary would deploy against NATO forces will form the backdrop for traditional missions such as Close Air Support, tactical and intra-theatre lift, ISR, SEAD and DEAD mission areas.

Join us to contribute to this invaluable exchange of ideas!

Early-Confirmed 2021 Speakers:

Why Attend Air Power Eastern Europe 2021?

ENHANCE PILOT READINESS FOR COMPLEX OPERATIONS by addressing the training shortfall and optimizing the live training balance
INTEGRATE UPDATED CAPABILITY ALONGSIDE A LEGACY AIRCRAFT FLEET to support enhanced mission readiness and interoperability
SHAPE EMERGING REGIONAL REQUIREMENTS for fighter aircraft, helicopters, MRO and flight training, and advance collaborative approaches to combat air procurement
DEFINE A LOGISTICS AND SUPPORT MODEL to boost rapid maneuverability for air and joint force operations