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Full Spectrum Air Defence: The Australian Perspective

Ahead of the Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia event, this presentation gives an outline into understanding the strategic operating picture of Australia's air defence.

Topics covered include:

  • The strategic context of Australia’s Air Defence Command
  • Assessing requirements for GBAD forces in Australia
  • Building the contextual operating picture of Australia’s air defence at home and overseas
  • Anoverview of future requirements for 16 Air Land Regiment.

Oerlikon 35mm Air Defence System in C-UAS operations

Ahead of the Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia event, this presentation gives an outline into understanding Oerlikon 35mm Air Defence System in C-UAS operations covering:

  • Understanding how the capability requirement for the Malaysian army was defined 
  • How has this acquisition enhanced Malaysia as a regional defence partner?
  • Demonstrating the capabilities of the Oerlikon 35mm system

Air & Missile Defence - Market Insight

In order to enable regional collaboration and discussion around the current challenges and acquisitions facing air defence in Eastern Europe. This report explores the latest information available on the air and missile defence landscape, from existing inventories to future requirements, and the results of our community-led survey on the current technological and strategic priorities.

Land-Based Air Defence Holdings & New Requirements

Air and Missile Defence programmes and requirements continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The threats pose by Russia in Europe and North Korea in the Far East have prompted increased BMD initiatives in these regions. At the same time, the market for all sectors of the Air Defence Systems market remains buoyant with over 30 countries having new procurement or upgrade programmes under way. The value of the Air and Missile Defence market is estimated to be over $30 Billion in the next 10 years

Air Defence Asia: A regional overview

Escalating tensions in the South-East Asia region in both the East and the West have prompted nations to re-think and enhance their air defence capabilities. The whole spectrum of air defence is concerned, from the threat of ballistic missile to small drones used for malicious purposes. 

Ahead of the Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia, Defence IQ have created a complimentary map of existing requirements, active programmes and direct threats, in order to better understand the different nations' responses to this security context.

Global Missiles and Missile Defense Systems Market Forecast to 2027

This Market Forecast intelligence report covers the Global Missiles and Missiles Defense system market; who demands those capabilities; who is developing technologies to meet that demand; which technologies are most promising and which are not; and which buyers will favour which capabilities. The forecast covers the entire period to 2027 but also displays the...

Evaluating the Future of Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region and Incorporating Partner Nations into the PACOM AOR

Brigadier General Eric Sanchez Commander, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, discusses how current and developing threats paired with demanding geography make the Asia-Pacific AOR one of the most challenging problem sets in the world, the areas of responsibility for USPACOM, mission command and support relationships, the pacific Army IAMD strategy and campaign plan and much more!

Missile Defence Agency Budget Request Highlights

The 2018 Presidential budget request includes more than $9 Billion for modernization and development of our nation’s missile defenses. The primary agency reflected in those requests is the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) whose budget request totals $7.9 billion. A great deal of the funds will bolster homeland defense, as well as influence global IAMD. Read on for a breakdown of investment highlights.