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An insight into Siemens Materials Solutions' 3D Printing Facility

Ahead of this year’s Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference, Defence iQ gained exclusive insight from Phil Hatherley, General Manager, Materials Solutions - A Siemens Business, the lead partner of the conference.

Developing global standardization and certification of aerospace and space AM parts: Insights from ASTM International

In this exclusive interview, Mohsen Seifi, Director, Global AM Programmes, ASTM International and key speaker at this year’s Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference, discusses how ASTM International is helping the aerospace and space industry to overcome a key challenge: the certification of AM parts across the global, interconnected supply chain. 

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Benefits of reading the interview:

  • Understand how organizations such as ASTM International can help you overcome your certification and standardization challenges
  • Ensure that your own manufacturing process remains competitive and able to deliver repeatable and high quality components by achieving standardization of AM parts

In this interview, Mr Seifi answers the following questions:

  • What is ASTM International and could you give us some insight into your role as Director of Global AM Programmes?
  • Could you give us some background as to how ASTM International supports the aerospace/space industry?
  • Why is it important that the certification of parts is standardized across the aerospace/space supply chain?
  • What role does ASTM International play in defining quality standards for AM parts? Why is it important to have those set across companies globally?
  • How can safety testing maximise the commercial viability of AM parts in the aerospace/space industry?
  • What benefits are there for integrating quality screening early for AM parts certification? At what stage of the production process should this begin?

Read an exclusive preview of the interview below:

Having various parts in the supply chain certified by different certification bodies leads to uncertainty about whether the parts have been certified to the same quality level. If one trusted and recognized source can provide certification across all parts, product development is

Mr Seifi will speak at this year’s Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space on standardizing the evaluation process of additive manufacturing applications within aerospace. You can download the full agenda conference here

The road to serial additive manufacturing production for aerospace and space

While additive manufacturing has been proven a reliable cost-saving technology to produce various aircraft parts, companies are now focusing their efforts towards serial additive manufacturing production. Key questions now arise around quality assurance and parts certification across the whole supply chain.

Ahead of Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space 2020, Defence iQ compiled this report on the progress and key milestones needed to achieve serial additive manufacturing production, from three key players in the market: Thales, Trumpf and the European Space Agency. They discuss key priorities, challenges and what needs to be done in order to achieve large-scale additive production in the aerospace and space industries. 

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Benefits of downloading the report:

  • Understand how the AM and digital manufacturing market is developing in Europe towards large-scale production from key market players that will attend Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space
  • Hear more on key challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve serial additive production, from key market players that will attend Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space

In this report, gain insight from:

  • Steven Catt, AM Technical Lead, Thales UK - who will return in 2020
  • Volkan Duegmeci, Application Engineer for Aerospace Engineering, Trumpf - who will partner once more in 2020
  • Advenit Makaya, Advanced Manufacturing, Engineer, European Space Agency – a representative is confirmed to speak in 2020

To view the full speaker panel and session details of Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space 2020, you can download the agenda here. Key themes of the conference space, air and sea applications for additive manufacturing processes; certification and standardization strategies delivering critical assurance for aerospace and space applications; innovation and new technologies in additive manufacturing for aerospace and space; commercialization of research and development of short-term additive manufacturing strategies; assessment of through-life costs; engineer training to utilise additive manufacturing’s full potential.

Interview with Markus Seibold, VP Additive Manufacturing at SIEMENS Gas & Power

Markus Seibold, VP Additive Manufacturing, SIEMENS Gas & Power, shares exclusive insight into the Additive Manufacturing market for Aerospace and Space. SIEMENS will be the lead sponsor of our 2020 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference