An insight into Siemens Materials Solutions' 3D Printing Facility

Ahead of this year’s Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference, Defence iQ gained exclusive insight from Phil Hatherley, General Manager, Materials Solutions - A Siemens Business, the lead partner of the conference.

In this interview, Mr Hatherley answers the following questions:

  • Now that additive manufacturing has been proven a reliable, cost-saving & innovative technology, where would you like to see the industry moving forward to in the coming years?
  • This year’s Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference will feature a visit to Materials Solutions 3D Printing Facility.What can attendees expect to see and learn there?
  • How can Materials Solutions/Siemens help the industry move forward?
  • As the lead sponsor for the conference, what key takeaways do you want attendees to get from the visit to the Materials Solutions 3D Printing Facility?

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