A look into NATO's approach to space-based emerging threats

A look into NATO's approach to space-based emerging threats

NATO’s space policy and its codification of outer space as an operational domain has shifted the Alliance’s focus towards the scenario of space militarization, in an attempt to thwart any actions from potential adversaries.

Ahead of the Space Operations Summit, taking place on 26-28 August 2020 in London, UK, Defence iQ performed an in-depth analysis of NATO’s emerging approach to outer space-based threats and what might be driving the seven-decade-strong alliance’s newly agreed space framework, with insights from Dr Jamie Shea, NATO’s former deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges.

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At any given moment, more than 2,000 satellites from 58 countries are orbiting above Earth to facilitate a variety of essential operations, such as telecommunications, navigation services, financial transactions and weather monitoring. It is, therefore, evident that outer space has become critical to the smooth operation of an increasingly technologically dependent world. But as any science fiction aficionado or geopolitical observer would attest, the possibility of aggression in space is exceptionally likely, particularly as space is also pivotal to an array of military operations — such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); missile warning, geolocation and navigation; target identification, and the tracking of adversarial activities to name a few… To continue reading, please download the article.

The Space Operations Summit will provide a vital platform for military thinkers, capability planners and operators to meet with industry leaders and space SMEs alike as they grapple with the challenges associated with advancing space capabilities.To view who will attend and share their insights during the conference, you can download the agenda of the conference here

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