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28 - 30 April, 2020 | London

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Space Operations Summit Draft Agenda

The Space Operations Summit is designed to bring together the international military space enterprise to identify new opportunities for joint collabo ...

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Post Show Report | The Space Operations Summit

Last year, the inaugural  Space Operations Summit welcomed speakers from 10 nations and a truly international attendee faculty to London. Missed the summit? Find out what you missed with the Defence iQ Space Operations Post Show Report. Included within the report are: 2019 Attendee snapshots and demographicsEvent Summary provided by conference co-chairmen...


The current operating environment for naval forces is complex, cluttered and multi-layered across subsurface, surface, air, space and cyber/EMS. Reaching maritime domain awareness and achieving decision-making superiority is reliant on the timely collection of data and integration of various ISR assets across a protected network, and this is a key...

Exclusive Industry Report

The final frontier: Does NATO have a space advantage, and how might adversaries degrade it?

NATO members and partners are increasingly reliant on space-based assets to deliver joint operations. Ahead of this year’s Space Operations Summit, Defence IQ delved into their key vulnerabilities. Download this piece to learn more about how potential adversaries could exploit to gain advantage and dominance in the space domain. 

Same domain, different approaches: How various nations are preparing their space strategies

In this exclusive report, three speakers of this year’s Space Operations Summit share insight on the current space threat environment, their challenges in maintaining pace with technological development in the space domain and how they are working to address them. Download this report to find out more about:Protecting and defending...

Global Strategy and Trends Report 2019

NATO’s members and partners see the space domain as increasingly crucial to retain an operational advantage against potential adversaries. Several nations have already published their own space policies and strategies ahead of NATO’s releasing its own. Download this report to learn more about some of the countries that will attend...

Partnership Opportunities

Space Operations and ISR Portfolio Prospectus

View the global ISR portfolio partnership prospectus to assess the opportunities available you to become an active part of the community.