The Multi Domain Battlefield

The complexity of the modern global conflicts requires the Special Operations community to engage in extensive joint, combined and inter-agency operations in order to achieve their military and strategic objectives. To compete and face the various emerging threats, operational objectives and the complexity of the Unconventional warfare the SOF community needs to leverage emerging and innovative technologies, as well as share information and act in a collaborative and connected way.

"Special Operations  -  Nexus", will  explore the current trends, challenges and needs of the Special Operations Community, and the future solutions for the "Multi-Domain Battlefield" where the competition is in the Physical, Virtual and Cognitive Domains


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Get an In-Depth Understanding on:

* Congressional Approach for Future Special Operations Forces
* Providing a Technological Overmatch Utilizing Commercial AI and Machine Learning Capabilities
* Enhancing the Cognitive State of the Warfighters
* Enabling Tactical Superiority by Utilizing Advanced Munitions
* Expanding the Multi-Domain Maneuvers by Increasing Capabilities
* ARSOF Operating Concept for 2035 and Beyond - Capabilities and Requirements for the Future Battlefield
* Engaging Adversaries in the Cognitive Domain
* SOCOM Futures Foundry Process - Investing in Tomorrow's Capabilities

2018 Featured Special Operations NEXUS Speakers

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