Market Survey Infographic: The place and potential of Directed Energy Systems

What is the place and utility of Directed Energy Systems in the military? Defence IQ surveyed DES experts from across the globe to:

  • Understand the main areas of interest
  • Learn which areas are investment priorities, 
  • Discover the main technological and acquisition challenges

Download your copy of the Infographic here >>

Respondants also shared their views on potential adversaries’ advancements on the technology, which companies stand out in the directed energy space and what industry can improve in their approach and offering.

This year’s Directed Energy Systems conference will look closely at the future militarily use of directed energy and the future operationalisation of the technology, themes that are covered in this survey. 

Did you know that weapon systems are the primary area of interest in regards to directed energy?


Download the survey to learn what the market’s views on the following questions:

  • When it comes to directed energy, where is your primary interest?
  • If any, which form of directed energy systems is of most interest to you at present?
  • Is your service / organisation currently procuring a directed energy system?
  • Of the following, and to the best of your knowledge, what main obstacle do you face when it comes to procuring directed energy systems?
  • Of the following technological ‘gaps’, which do you believe is the most important to solve before your purchase or employment of these systems?
  • Are you concerned about the current advancement of directed energy system capabilities by potential adversaries?
  • To what extent do you agree with the statement “the current industry offering fits our operational needs and budget constraints”?
  • Of the following aspects of directed energy which are you particularly keen to know more about from industry?
  • Is there any company that stands out in their offering of directed energy systems?
  • What do you believe industry could improve on in their approach / offering of directed energy systems?

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