Inside the rapidly growing directed energy systems market

Inside the rapidly growing directed energy systems market
A lot is currently happening in the directed energy systems space. Seen as potential game changers in future military activities. Able to engage rapidly and precisely with agile targets at a low cost, they are seen as potential game changers for future military activities, particularly for countering a variety of threats, such as UAVs, adversary artillery or missiles. 

Ahead of this year’s Directed Energy Systems conference, Defence IQ selected key programmes and news from all around the world. In this news digest are included, among others:
  • The US Air Force’s Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation office’s request for information to industry partners to counter UAVs with directed energy
  • The UK’s potential integration of directed energy onto its newly unveiled ‘Tempest’ aircraft
  • South Korea’s plans to build a counter-UAVs laser weapon system

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