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Controlling the cyberspace to maintain an operational advantage: Insights from Air Commodore Tim Neal-Hopes

Air Commodore Tim Neal-Hopes, Head Joint User C4ISR and Cyber from the UK Ministry of Defence and speaker at CDANS 2019 is discussing here the importance for the UK military and its allies to protect their assets and network from cyber attacks, to maintain an operational advantage and battlefield dominance. 

Fighting the new war: Information operations on social media

Events in the last few years have highlighted the role social media platforms play in information warfare. Adversaries can now remotely spread their message and cause disruption in an unprecedented way and reach further audiences faster than ever before. Ahead of the CDANS conference, Defence IQ set out to determine what needs to be done from all stakeholders involved, namely private tech companies, governments and the national security community to combat information operations efficiently. Download the piece to find out more about:

  • How social media is the new battlefield
  • The role of private tech companies
  • Going beyond traditional content moderation to recognise harmful content
  • The need for a better cross-organisation collaboration

Preparing for the 2020 cyber threat landscape

New cyber threats are challenging both governments and the military every day. Criminal tools are increasingly available and require less technical expertise, leading to a shift in the nature of adversaries. Ahead of CDANS 2019, Defence IQ spoke with Curtis Dukes, Executive Vice President and General Manager at the Center for Internet Security and speaker at the event. In this interview, he discusses:
  • How Armed Forces can prepare today for tomorrow’s threat
  • The need to develop standard cyber defence procedures
  • The threat posed by a vulnerable supply chain
  • The necessity for a better collaboration between the public and the private sector  

How protecting your distributed network and remote assets against cyber threats is essential for future conflicts

In an increasingly distributed network, the persistent underlying cyber threat is as present as ever, whether the danger occurs on the battlespace or on critical national infrastructures. What solutions are best to mitigate the risk? What are the challenges that surround a wide and decentralised network? In this exclusive interview with Colonel Eric Alardet, Cyber Operations Chief at the French Cyber Command, discover why there is a need to counter the cyber threat now and where to implement solutions in order to keep your assets safe.

Cyber security for networks under threat: An expert overview

Militaries, governments and critical national infrastructure require innovative approaches to futher secure their networks and the information stored within them, as they continue to undergo sustain assaults from offensive cyber. Protecting data is essential to ensure national security and operational capability.

Ahead of the Cyber Defence & Network Security conference, we asked a wide range of experts from around the globe and working across defence, government and industry to better understand cyber security priorities in view of the contemporary threat landscape. 

Airbus CyberSecurity - An Interview with Mr Ian Goslin, Managing Director Airbus CyberSecurity, UK

Take a look at this interview with Ian Goslin, Managing Director of Airbus CyberSecurity, UK, which was conducted ahead of the Cyber Defence & Network Security Conference.