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Maritime ISR Global 2019 will welcome 150 senior leaders from the UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, NATO and many others to set a roadmap for delivering persistent maritime ISR. With Europe’s defence narrative focused on the threat of peer conflict in the land environment, the Black Sea serves as a reminder that the ability to operate at sea is just as intrinsic to NATO’s strategic priorities. As the uptick in non-NATO activity continues, its waters have become an important case study for delivering a global joint ISR capability – one that can overcome an increased operational tempo to sustain a high-level of decision support to the war fighter.

With the outcome of future combat operations dependent on integration – cross-platform and across domain – the first of the three days will ask how we can succesfully embed the innovation that meets that need. The two main days will look at delivering integration in practice, and will ask how space, air, surface and sub-surface nodes can overcome the tyranny of scale to maximise MDA and improve data relay, delivering a multi-domain intelligence function which can incorporate cyber and mitigate the full-spectrum of hybrid threats to maintain information advantage.

There is, then, much to discuss, and so we invite you to join more than 150 ISR experts in Bucharest as they harness innovation to support maritime superiority – in an era of great power competition.

Your Reasons For Attending Maritime ISR Global:

Shape a future ISR requirement that leverages innovation to improve integration and support overall decision advantage for the joint war fighter

Enhance integration cross-platform and cross-domain to close gaps in maritime domain awareness and enhance command and control

Ensure that cyber resiliency is ‘baked in’ from the requirements-setting phase

Improve the processes that inform capability design and acquisition.Ensuring that yesterday’s capability does not come online tomorrow

Bring ISR training and doctrine in-line with capability, in readiness for joint operations in a contested maritime theatre

Identify and overcome those pressing human factors that inhibit the effective sharing of maritime intelligence, and work towards a more collaborative, interoperable approach to enforcing NATO’s security at sea

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