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Future Mortar Systems: Business Development Pack

As the only conference focused solely on mortars and the future of indirect firepower, Future Mortar Systems is regularly attended by key figures within military and industry organisations.

The Business Development Pack provides an overview of the conference, along with information such as past attending job titles and accounts, and how you can get involved in the 2019 edition.

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As NATO members transform once again, this time to fare better against a peer or near-peer threat, everything is back under the microscope. While the humble mortar remains largely the same, the digitisation of target geolocation and fire control brings new capabilities but also new challenges.

Sample Delegate List 2019

Over the past 10 years, the Future Mortar Systems conference has been the annual host for the mortars community to further the development of future land warfare capabilities. 

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Organisations confirmed to attend for 2019 include:

  • Colonel Ángel Esparza López, Commanding Officer, Lusitania Regiment, Spanish Army
  • Colonel John Musgrave,DACOS, Empowerment,British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Serle, Commanding Officer, ITDU, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Ducrot, Chief of Capability Development Branch, Artillery School, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Martin Šufajzl, Project Manager, Land Forces Armament Department Armament and Acquisition Division, Czech Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Cornea, 206th Artillery BN /2nd Mountain BDE, Romanian Army
  • Major Mike Johnsson, Head of Mortars/Fire Support Division, Royal Danish Army
  • Mr Ross Arnold, Senior Research Engineer, U.S. Army CCDC
  • Captain Felix Juellig, Head of Development, Army Concepts & Capabilities

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