The World's Longest Running International Mortar Systems Meeting

Future Mortar Systems is the world's longest running international Mortar Systems conference. Created with the notion of knowledge-sharing at its center, this year’s conference will focus on the themes of ‘technology’, ‘interoperability’, and ‘maneuverability’. Relating these themes to persisting challenges in the field of mortar firepower, presentations will explore the mobility and flexibility of troops when transporting and operating equipment, technological innovations to ensure overmatch in peer adversary war-fighting contexts, the integration of UAVs, effectively combating time-sensitive targets, operational feedback, and command and control systems

In response to fluctuating mission demands, the themes and operations under discussion equally relate to Infantry, Artillery and Marine Corps. Structured as a three day conference with sixteen speakers and a Live Fire Demonstration site visit (now fully booked), Future Mortar Systems will shape the strategic thinking on the future role of the dismounted soldier and indirect fire capabilities. 

The 2019 Speaker Faculty

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The 2019 Agenda in Brief:

Lethality in Denied Environments:

Improving targeting and engagement capabilities for the tactical force

Mortars in the Megacity:

Indirect Fires in Future Terrains

Range and Precision:

Building the lethality and tactical dominance of the dismounted soldier

Irregular Ops:

Amphibious Fires & Lightweight Mortars in Special Operations

Affordability and Programme Delivery:

Lifecycle management of mortar systems and munitions

Gaps and Investment:

Perspectives from R&D and industry on precision munitions, digitized fire control and advanced lethality systems

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