The World's Longest Running International Mortar Systems Meeting

Future Mortar Systems is the world's longest running international conference devoted to the study of mortar technology, requirements, tactics, techniques and procedures.

This year’s event will cover the full spectrum of 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar acquisitions, employment and sustainment, with a diverse speaker line up representing the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. They will be discussing the operational relevance of mortar systems and light infantry and artillery across the full spectrum of conflict, from permissive environments and counter-insurgency to denied arenas against peer competitors in Europe and Asia.

The 2018 Speaker Faculty

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The 2018 Agenda in Brief:

Lethality in Denied Environments:

Improving targeting and engagement capabilities for the tactical force

Mortars in the Megacity:

Indirect Fires in Future Terrains

Range and Precision:

Building the lethality and tactical dominance of the dismounted soldier

Irregular Ops:

Amphibious Fires & Lightweight Mortars in Special Operations

Affordability and Programme Delivery:

Lifecycle management of mortar systems and munitions

Gaps and Investment:

Perspectives from R&D and industry on precision munitions, digitized fire control and advanced lethality systems

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