Benefits of Attending l Countering Drones

This is the world’s only online conference conference dedicated countering drones for the security community. By attending the Countering Drone Online Conference, you will:

  1. Understand the drone threat landscape
  2. Gain a scientific, nuanced and unbiased understanding of the underlying technologies for counter-drone systems
  3. Learn how to make an objective comparison between different counter-drone solutions free from vendor bias
  4. Create a roadmap to clarify routes to vendors and procurement processes
  5. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes through insights into implementations of operational counter-drone systems 
  6. Deepen your knowledge of upcoming standards to know what you can and cannot procure
  7. Understand the risks and prepare for the future drone threat
  8. Learn how to coordinate an effective response to drone disruption
  9. Deepen your knowledge of the regulatory environment
  10. Understand the differences between underlying technologies across the range of Counter-Drone solutions
  11. Influence future policy by contributing to discussions with key industry experts 

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