Phil Bostock

National Maritime Operations Commander UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Phil joined the German Navy in 1995 as a Warfare Officer, graduating from the German Armed Forces University Munich in 2001 to follow the conventional route to Principal Warfare Officer via watch keeping appointments in frigates and destroyers, including a 3.5 year exchange with the Royal Navy. Leaving the Navy in 2009, he joined HM Coastguard at the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Dover, followed by roles as a Subject Matter Expert at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Headquarters and as a Technical Trainer at the MCA Training Centre before taking on a command role at the National Maritime Operations Centre in Fareham with specific responsibilities for Vessel Traffic Services and Monitoring. This role also included him being operationally deployed as Search and Rescue Advisor to the Royal Navy, providing assistance during the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. Taking over as the Head of International Liaison in 2017, he has been actively involved in European and North Atlantic Coast Guard activities and as the Operational Lead of the UK’s Search and Rescue Capability Project in its Overseas Territories. Phil has just returned from a 14 months secondment leading a project in the Cayman Islands to establish a dedicated Coast Guard service within the Territory.

Conference Day One - 30 September

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020


·         Performing Search and Rescue with less of an emphasis on Search
·         Enhancing situational awareness as the priority and the means that this can be achieved by
·         Ability of SAR to complement intelligence and information sharing

Conference Workshop Day - 2 October

Friday, October 2nd, 2020


Although it is the hope of all SAR practitioners to never have to respond to these types of operations, to prepare is to avoid and so mass casualty Search and Rescue operations occupy a large space within the plans and exercises of Coast Guards. As well as the initial operation to locate those in danger and prevent loss of life, ongoing sustainment and relief efforts are required to manage the situation in sometimes austere or remote environments.
This will be the focus of the Coast Guard Capability Workshop Day; a series of table top exercises focused on a mass SAR operation requiring many different organisations and developing in a challenging environment. It will challenge attendees to actively problem solve during a developing scenario and work through solutions with experts in order to get realistic practice in the planning and implementation of one of these operations.
Attend in order to:
·         Gain insight into how your solution can enhance mass rescue SAR operations being prepared for by practitioners
·         Develop greater networks of mutual cooperation with operators, Coast Guard Commanders, SMEs and industry partners that will help you improve your own organisation
·         Improve your understanding of how to maximise your organisation’s interoperability in high-risk scenarios
·         More effectively balance Aviation and Maritime assets for greater synergy on high-risk operations
·         Align yourself with the latest emerging SAR concepts, technologies, data collection, analysis; and voyage reporting

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