The annual gathering of the world's EOD community

Explosive weapons, both conventional munition or improvised explosive, have become a fact of modern conflict. Behind the conflict, this threat for millions across the globe is, in reality, a fact of life which continues to decimate communities across the world. UNICEF estimates one casualty every 20 minutes caused by explosive weapons.

Responding to this ongoing crisis, the Countering Explosive Threat and Demining conference will bring together the key decision-makers from the Counter-EOD community to explore ways to mitigate the threat.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in order to guarantee global participation at the event, the conference will be held online on 1 December. Its unique roundtable format will allow for enhanced networking, interactivity, and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Led by senior policy drivers from government, NGO’s and military and supported by industry leaders across all three pillars of EOD – prepare the force, attack the network and defeat the device – the conference will outline the new, joint approach to countering the explosive threat.

Featured Speakers

5 Key Benefits of Attending

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Enhance international collaboration with EOD partners from civilian, military and humanitarian sectors to develop joint strategies for demining and explosive ordnance clearance

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Engage directly with policy directors from leading NGO’s and government bodies to support their ongoing clearance objectives across the globe

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Identify the new explosive threat landscape through briefings from operational clearance leaders, and align your operating procedures to defeat the new threat

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Understand new international directives towards demining and C-IED for both military and civilian sectors, with dedicated sessions on the new International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) framework

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Use technical capability demonstrations from leading experts in detection and disposal systems to develop cutting-edge defeat-the-device capabilities

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British Army bomb disposal experts at work

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operators are responsible for defusing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), booby traps created to kill and maim indiscriminately.The job is one of the most highly skilled and dangerous jobs in the Armed Forces. It requires intelligence, fitness and courage, as the soldiers in this job can be routinely placed in complex and dangerous situations. EOD operators are some of the most highly decorated soldiers of the British Army.Sgt James Slade is one of those soldiers. Here he talks about what it's like, as you approach something designed to destroy life, to remove it from the Battlefield. Those who make that approach call it, 'the long walk.'

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