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Royal Australian Naval Fleet units effectively &quote;blind&quote; in operating in the &quote;middle East Theatre&quote;. The press and &quote;some very reliable sources&quote; have expressed their concern over the RAN's inability to both navigate and successfully aquire and kill targets. According to sources within the RAN &quote;deployed Australian warships&quote; are operating in a &quote;software fog&quote;. One aspect of this situation may centre around the apparent &quote;prepensity&quote; of the current Australian government in the &quote;outsourcing&quote; of the development, manufacture and ongoing maintenance of the RAN's current major fleet units casting a doubt over the reliability and effectiveness of any future aquisitions. One source expressed concern regarding the degree of defincies encountered in the reliability of both weapons software and navigational abilities of Australian warships currently serving in the theatre. &quote; We can't even protect ourselves let alone protect anyone else!&quote; sources said. This &quote;begs&quote; the question: &quote; Should countries develop, manufacture and maintain their own major warships at ANY cost?&quote; .

Author: sadsack324
Posted: 02/10/2016
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