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Regarding the recent podcast with IISS analyst Mr Douglas Barrie, I wonder if anyone agrees with these observations. I'll make two observations and one deduction. Observations: Mr Barrie asserts that the Chinese may not mind a higher casualty rate than other developed powers within conflict areas. It is also unlikely that China will threaten Western assets, even the ones on its door step; which will provide a sense of legitimacy as an alternative world leader. Eg Taiwan. Deduction: When China does decide to protect its overseas investments by stabilising states - for example the well documented and recent African Investments. It may be able to more successfully intervene due to it not being held back by a matured liberal and democratic electorate. In short, China will not suffer from what was called by Bush Snr. as the Vietnam Syndrome (Somalia by Clinton, and soon to be Afghanistan). Thoughts? Chris

Author: chris8hr
Posted: 02/10/2016
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